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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Handmade Finds October

After a little bit of a hiatus our really popular series on the blog, Handmade Finds, we have brought it back! 

1. Commonsensical Spa

After becoming a parent, I became obsessed with giving my family the best start in life by limiting, and reducing our exposure to the toxins in our environment. I started making most of our personal care products and cleaning products. One year, I gifted some sugar scrubs to family for Christmas. They were such a big hit that I decided to start my own business. Since my first launch back in 2010, I've picked up a couple of partners along the way and added more products to our line.  Commonsensical Spa is a hippy but chic skincare line that nourishes and pampers the skin. We are committed to creating products that practically pamper the consumer while not taking advantage of the producers. Every effort is made to ensure that our products---from raw material to finished product--are natural and handmade, organic and fair trade.  It makes sense that our skincare products should have all these qualities. Commonsensical Spa lip balms, sugar scrubs, hard lotions, deodorants and facial cleansing oils are made fresh, by hand, and offer the most luxurious skincare experience that also doesn't break the bank. You can even sign up for a subscription for your favorite products!  Shop online at  Follow us on Instagram (@CommonsensicalSpa) and like us on Facebook for natural living tips as well as spotlights on products and how to use them.

Everyday Sugar Scrub in Wild Lavender:

Organic, fair-trade sugar combined with nutrient rich oils to gently yet effectively polish and moisturize your skin.  Gentle enough to use daily or enter it into your weekly routine for nourished, silky skin you can feel and see.  Safe for use on every part of your skin. Insider tip: this product works great on your lips--getting rid of dry skin, and leaving your lips rosy for a natural look or primed for applying your favorite shade. Available in two sizes: 8oz and 16oz. Shown here in Wild Lavender, but is also available in Sweet Orange and Peppermint.

Ingredients: Organic & Fair Trade Evaporated Cane Juice (sugar), Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Almond Oil, Organic Avocado Oil and Organic Essential Oil. (Peppermint, Wild Lavender or Sweet Orange Essential Oil)

shop: Commonsensical Spa

2. Once Again & Forever

Once Again & Forever wishes to keep craft alive and history still burning within our hearts. Ensuring generations to come that craft skills are enjoyable and practical. Passing on the nostalgia and beauty of things handmade. To keep the past at the present, remembering and keeping the memories aflame of somewhat a simple life of not long ago. By living a life that many miss.

Queensland Walnut Bentwood Ring

Diameter - 20mm
Width - 8mm
Material - Queensland Walnut
This beautiful handcrafted wearable natural bentwood ring is made over time to create a unique gift. Perfect for gifts, wedding rings, either male or female.
Sanded by hand and then finished with quality acrylate finish creating a beautiful shine.

shop: Once Again & Forever

3.  Oh Frankie Handmade

My name is Anna and I was born in Poland but currently based in UK.  I do things, try to create them in my own way. I spend most of my free time sketching, sewing. I love to try new prints, fabrics. I am an ethical vegan and I never use any animal products. Recently I felt in love with linen, cotton is also great. I make prints in unusual way, using shaped vegetables and non-toxic ink. I've got lots and lots of ideas but so little time. It doesn't matter. Every single creature in my little shop has its own story. I adore them, hope you will too!

The Cloud

Hi there!

If you are looking for someone cute, it's me! You can tell me anything and I'll keep your secrets. Grey clouds are not always sad, some of them can make you smile:)

As you can see I am a little pillow in a cloud shape, made from 100% grey linen. My eyes and long lashes are painted with non-toxic fabric paint. My cloudy body is 27cm wide, from left to right;) I can wear a hat, but it's not perfectly fitted.. I am the one and only, created in oh frankie studio.
Inside me you will find a washable polyester filling (cleanliness: BS1425 fire safety: BS5852, suitable component for all articles required to carry the CE logo and for those requiring BS5665/EN71 certification)

Don't worry, I don't contain dangerous parts.

oh..did I mention that my legs are grey too?

Shop: Oh Frankie Handmade

4. The Artisan Tribe

A collection of unique antique gemstone jewellery & accessories by The Artisan Tribe
Antique, vintage, handmade and bespoke semi-precious jewellery pieces and accessories, gift wrapped to make the perfect present. 

Sharya Antique Opal Necklace Ethopian

A precious handmade antique, ornate necklace with a fiery Ethiopian Welo opal which is the October birthstone known to have properties that en-kindle optimism, enthusiasm and creativity, and allows for the release of inhibitions inspiring love and passion.

5. Tweep & Peep

I'm Neeli of tweet & peep - my handmade handmade shop. I love making special pieces such as jewelry for flower girls, weddings, or just everyday wear.

The Harper choker necklace/wrap bracelet

Stretch choker necklace 15" made with amazonite beads finished with gold tube bead and small gold star. Can be wrapped and worn as a bracelet.

shop: Tweep & Peep


We want to thank all the shops that participated in this blog post and partnered with us.  It was great getting to know and work with some very talented artisans! 
 If you have an Etsy shop or a Handmade items shop and would like to be featured in a blog post similar to this please email us for more information! 


Thursday, 20 October 2016

My October Playlist

I know October's playlist should be full of spooky songs, but its not solely the month of ghosts, vampires, witches and all things scary. You need new music for your commute home from a new semester or from work, or something to suit the changing of the weather to make the cold crisp autumn air and vista more cinematic. I have included some up-tempo pick me up songs like "Best to you" by Blood Orange and some more melancholy tracks like The Wooden sky's "Write them down." this playlist also is all over the place in terms of genre from R&B to singer/Songwriter.


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

5 things not to wear to the airport

Getting through airport security can be the most stressful and dreaded part of airport travel. It is always better to be prepared to make this process go smoother. Hence it's always better to wear things that will help out in the process and not complicate it more!

5 things not to wear to the airport

Things you shouldn't wear to an airport:

1. maxi dresses/ skirts

If you have to get patted down in security, you really want to avoid the security agent having to check if you are hiding anything under your skirt.

Instead wear comfortable pants, whether they are sweats/joggers (my preference, especially for long flights) or your favourite pair of relaxed denim (great for shorter flights)

2. flip flops or heels

Wearing Flip flops is not a good idea especially if you are going through security that requires you to remove your shoes, then you are forced to walk barefoot on the dirty airport floor.  To avoid this, instead wear a comfortable pair of shoes - sneakers or flats that are easily removable and easy to put back on if required. Also - flip flops or heels are not practical when you have to run to your gate, nor are they the most comfortable option!

3. lots of jewelry

there is a chance that your jewelry can set off the security alarm- metal jewelry is a major no -no. It is just best to travel light when it comes to jewelry anyways - as we mentioned before, leave your valuables at home! Jewelry is also not the easiest thing to take off quickly

4.  lot of hair pins

If you are looking to get through security with ease - then don't use too many hair accessories such as bobby pins. Instead wait till you are past security to fix up your hair and maybe try different hair elastics that will do the job.

5. bulky clothes 

Bulky clothes can be a pain when it comes to security at the airport, they also can be a pain when you are having to run to your gate and you are all sweaty and uncomfortable once you get to the gate because of your bulky clothing. It's best to wear layers instead! Layers, such as long cardigans and blanket scarfs, are easy to remove at the security.

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Friday, 14 October 2016

Friday Finds

Friday Finds is a series that Footnotes and Finds runs every friday where we share interesting, informative and fun finds/links from around the web.  Follow along!
1. If you are looking for new music this fall season while you wait on our playlist for this month, checkout this list of 10 Canadian musicians you should know by npr!

2. If you've ever been to an archaeological site and just didn't get it because it was a either bunch of stones or half falling apart structures, then this reconstruction of a villa in Pompeii is here to help your imagination out a little bit, so the next time you go you can try to put the pieces together yourself!

3. It's 2016 and some things make me feel like the future is happening like we all said it would back in the 1900's and this is one of them. This earpiece translates one language into another, how amazing!!!

4. Checkout this (this ones metallic and on sale!!), this and this raincoat.

5. This brilliant video that follows the artist Stik through the process of creating one of his public murals and talks about gentrification and the changing community of Shoreditch.

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