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Thursday, 29 November 2012

black sneakers

I've been in dire need of new sneakers lately and anyways I'm just a sneaker-holic- I LOVE sneakers! So I've been looking online and checking out many sneakers. These are some of the sneakers on my wish-list.

Expensive Sneakers:

Expensive Shoes

Expensive Shoes by countto4 featuring hi top sneakers

1. Giuseppe Zanotti Studded High-Tops (Similar Here)
2. Yves Saint Laurent Black High-Tops (Similar Here)
3. Giuseppe Zanotti Black August Gold Trim Sneakers (Similar Here)
4. Mulberry Studded High-Tops (Similar Here)
5. Giuseppe Zanotti Calf-Skin High-Tops (Similar Here)
6. Giuseppe Zanotti Python-Print Leather High-Tops (Similar Here)

Cheaper Options:

Cheaper Shoes


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

the galaxy (shirt) and stars (shiny skirt)

Scarf-The gap
Shirt- H & M, similar here
Glitter Dress- Forever 21
Boots- Aldo




I dont know about where you live, but here, in Vancouver, when its a clear crisp November-December night (with no rain or snow in the forecast) the stars look beautiful. I know that star-gazing is supposed to be a romantic summer thing, but personally I think nothing can make you feel more alive than looking up at that tinted black blue sky, with Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Orion and other constellations while going through the numbing sensation, chills, and freshness of the cold and still November air. This is something people have been doing for centuries, perhaps because it really gives you THE perspective, the bigger picture.
This outfit was inspired by this outward looking-ness of stars and galaxies, a favourite print of Christopher Kane as well! Although gloomy, grey days are ahead, the sparkles from the skirt just liven up any cold dread-ful day!


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Monday, 26 November 2012

my heart on a knitted sweater


heart shape centre knit sweater: Count To Four
striped long shrit: H&M
leggins: H&M
shoes: Aldo 






I was about to call this blog post "where's my heart at sweater" but decided to go for a simpler (less silly) name.  Although hearts can be a bit too much sometimes and there is an overkill of hearts during valentines, I like the touch of a heart shape on things.  For example I absolutely love those dresses with heart shape cutout on the back, or these gloves with cute heart cutouts.  Since it seems like heart is here to stay with : heart as elbow patches to heart as pockets and hearts on sweaters we decided to knit one for our Etsy Shop.   Here I am modeling for you our own heart knitted sweater and It's now available to purchase at the Count To Four Shop.  


Friday, 23 November 2012

shine in sequin for the holiday

Holiday Sequin

1. Collective Sequin Collar
2.Gold Embellished Prom Dress
3. Sequin and Shine Skirt
4.Sequin Peplum Top
5.Gold Sequin Stud Earrings
6. Sequin Peplum Maxi Dress
7. Gitanes Flat
8. Embellished Bodycon Dress
9. Striking Gold Dress

When it comes to the holidays, everyone wants to look their best because of endless dinner parties, get-togethers and other gatherings. While there has been the revival of "ugly" holiday sweaters, I think that we deserve better than that, in fact, I think we deserve to shine! These are all my sequin suggestions for various types of get-togethers (from elegant to casual) and if the occasion sucks and is dreadful at least you look amazing and you-Shine! (which makes anyone feel better) But if the occasion is awesome well then this will just make it that much brighter (see what i did there?). So here's to the end of 2012, while we get in to the festive season and exit in to another year, lets send off this year Shining!!


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

matching bow ear warmers and finger-less gloves



jacket: old navy (similiar here)
jeans: zara
sweater: forever 21
ear warmer: count to four



It has actually gotten quite cold here in Vancouver and the perfect thing to keep me warm are some nice knitted accessories. So i decided to model some stuff from count to four etsy shop for you. here I am wearing this grey knitted ear warmer head band  with a bow and these finger-less gloves that also have bows.  These items are warm and they are also very stylish. These knitted accessories are perfect for the winter ahead. They also make great Christmas presents. 

This hand knitted ear warmer and the finger less gloves are available on the count to four etsy shop



Sunday, 18 November 2012

ear warmer headband + green dress

Dress: Zara
Tights: GAP
Boots: ALDO
Ear-Warmer Headband: Count to Four

I think this Zara dress is just perfect for a fall look! I love this dress because of the print on it, the colour of it, the black detailing, as well as the peter-pan collar. The colour of this dress fits so well for the fall season. I paired it with my thick, fleece tights so I won't feel cold in this colder fall weather. I also wore black combat boots from Aldo. This burgundy, or ox-blood, ear-warmer head band is available in white from our Etsy shop went perfectly with this dress and this weather. The colour is also very in right now.

***The Winner of Our Knitted Earwarmer Bow Headband Giveaway is: Evi Mili! ( I will be emailing you soon) Thanks to all our readers that participated! Knitted ear warmers and much more is available at the Count To Four Shop  *** *winner chosen randomly using

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Saturday, 17 November 2012

top 5 winter coats to choose from

winter coats

1. TopShop 'Crombie' Mix Media Coat
2. TopShop 'Ultimate Crombie' Coat
3. TopShop 'Tex' Boucle Coat
4. Reiss Lois Oversized Jacket at John Lewis
5. Petites Bikers Trench at missselfridge

As I mentioned in my last post " when it rains, it rains things do,"  I am in Dire need of a coat and can't seem to decide which one to get! The trends are tough to pick through in order to get an item that serves the trend but will last you for years and then become a classic piece in your closet. I have clear favour towards a boyfriend coat but the decision is tough do I get a plain one like Reiss one or one that has leather details like the topshop crombie mix media coat or do I opt out of the whole boyfriend coat and go for the bikers trench that would give such  an edgy look to my outfits but while remaining chic with a collar? What about color? I know I live in Vancouver and we are often known as wearing our blacks, blues and greys when the 9 months of rain begin but a little colour would add colour to the gloominess---- HELP! 

 ***And don't forget to check out our NEW ETSY SHOP! ***

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- Prabh

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

chunky oxblood hand knitted scarf

 earrings: material girl
ear cuff: h&m
sweater: forever 21
bracelet: aldo
jeans: zara
shoes: kangaroos 

 So its been getting really cold here in Vancouver, and this outfit is perfect to wear when it is cold. this outfit is super warm and cozy. I wore this simple soft pink sweater and black skinny jeans. To complete this outfit  i wore this chunky oxblood or burgundy scarf that was hand knitted by mom. I wrapped the scarf around my neck twice to give it a cowl look.This colour is in style right now and this made the chunky scarf even more perfect to wear. To add some accessories i wore a pearl chain cuff and some cute bow earrings. this was my first time wearing a chain cuff and it felt kind of weird. what do you guys think of it?

This hand knit burgundy scarf is available on the count to four etsy shop


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

studs + fingerless gloves

Sweater: Zara
Jacket: Old Navy
Boots: Aldo
Jeans: Zara
Gloves: Count to Four

The studs trend has been going strong for quite while now and I love it! That's why this black sweater with faded gold studs on it it perfect for fall because it keeps you warm and you look trendy at the same time! I, of course paired it with my skinny jeans and a brown leather jacket that has a hood. A leather jacket with a hood isn't something that is easily found. Leather jackets usually have collars and are in the biker style, that's why I am so pleased with this jacket because it has a hood. I also have on fingerless gloves, which are perfect because you stay warm and can still utilize your fingers. These were knitted by my mom and are available in our etsy shop.


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Count To Four Shop ear warmer bow headband GIVEAWAY!

We have a big announcement! We have just opened our very own Etsy Shop: Count To Four

We are a really crafty family, some of us knit, others make jewelry and others paper products. So we decided why not open a shop? 

In honour of the opening of our shop, we are having a giveaway on our blog. One lucky winner will receive this cream coloured ear warmer bow headband (modeled by Harnoor in the photos).  It's knit by our mother whose knits from our previous blog posts have been very popular and well received.

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Giveaway open to Everyone (Internationally), Winner will be chosen randomnly

Giveaway ends on November 17 and Winner will be announced on November 19!    

Don't forget to check out our shop: Count To Four    
we are selling: handknit fingerless gloves with bows, more headwarmers, knitted chunky scarfs (snood style) and some rudolf the red nosed reindeer inspired blank holiday cards!

Friday, 9 November 2012

sonam kapoor inspired makeup tutorial

I love Sonam Kapoor. I love her style and usually her makeup is very nice as well! I saw this picture of Sonam at an event and felt inspired to try this look on Harnoor.

1. First I applied a Revlon cream eyeshadow from my Moonlit Jewels palette. I used the second colour, the purply one, all over the base of the eyelid. Next, I took the first colour, and applied it in the crease and blended it.

2. Here's the tricky part: making the wing. What I did was draw a thin line with black liquid liner from the inner corner all the way to the outside corner of the lid and then flicked up following the curve of Harnoor's eyelid. I made the line the thinnest at the inner corner. At this point, it doesn't matter if your line is all wonky because you will be making it thicker.

3. Next, you just make the line thicker until you have it how you want it.

4. Then I added mascara to the top lashes (you can add fake lashes if you want, but Harnoor already has long curly lashes so I didn't) and swept a little gold eyeshadow underneath the lower lashline like Sonam.

Here's the full look:

Mascara: MAC Pro Long Lash
Lipstick: MAC Sweetie
Cheeks: Marcelle Horizon Bronzing Pressed Powder
Highlighter on tops of Cheekbones: MAC Mineralized Skin Finish A52 soft & gentle


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