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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

best dressed at 2014 nhl awards

PK Subban with the Java walkies 

Things are changing and I think society is better because of it, not only because everyone [and I mean everyone] enjoys men in suits dressed with their own personal taste and style but because being a fashionista is becoming genderless. Kevin Weekes, a hockey commentator and ex-NHL goalie himself, used the word to refer to the likes of Henrik Lundqvist and PK Subban and it felt right that these men, usually in a testosterone high sport and environment are consciously or unconsciously breaking gender stereotypes. What this means is that everyone wins. They get to display their creativity, style and personality outside the hockey jersey and young boys [and girls who must play the tom-boy card to fit in] learn that being a hockey player does not mean what it once did. As for us, we get to see fashion in a new way, on a different stage, done by a different demographic and the possibility of what can be done with fashion opens up.

Here are my picks for the best dressed:



  1. nothing better than hot men with style. great post before bed!

    mon |

  2. Very interesting! :)

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  3. Great orange blazer :D



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