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Friday, 29 August 2014

Friday Finds

So good news first! I've officially handed in my dissertation! I do feel a sense of relief but I will be more relieved once I have my mark back for it.  Writing this dissertation has left me really burnt out, so I think I'm going to take the last few weeks of summer to try and relax.  The bad(ish) news, the renovations aren't entirely over yet! But we are starting to finally see an end to them and have started to move back into our kitchen (hence we have been a little MIA on here, sorry!) But in the meantime here are some friday finds, enjoy:

1. Leonardo Dicaprio does the ALS ice bucket challenge with the Fort Chipewyan First Nations in Alberta for an enviromental cause and raise awareness of the effects of the Alberta tar sands and the best part is he called out heads of major oil companies and the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper!
2. Calling all Alia Bhatt fans (or just people who like their dose of celebrities being able to make fun of themselves)! All India Bakchod teamed up--yet again-- with Alia Bhatt to take a dig at the actress' IQ level that made headlines after the she appeared on Koffee with Karan naming the wrong name for India's President, here is "Genius of the Year" for a good laugh!
3. On August 24th, Vesuvius marked its anniversary for its eruption that left Pompeii in the shape it is today. This Ted talk explored the fantasy that archaeology has created of Pompeii and asks how much of what we know of Pompeii is what we project on to it from our own time?
4. This is a great campaign in India breaking stereotypes: Breaking Stereotypes 

5. Lastly, we're now at the point in our renovations where we get to look at decorative items like  the fun stuff, pillows: throws, arm chairs, sculptures etc.
We both are big believers in a lot of Buddhism's philosophies but did not want to be a part of the exploitative part of western design and fashion so we felt that everything we included in our interior design needed to come from our own real life and experience and not from a pretentious and artificial level. The sleeping Buddha is one of our favourite stories from growing up and learning of Buddha's meditations and the Mucalinda. So here are our two that we are deciding between  sleeping buddha one and  sleeping buddha two 

p.s. We appreciate all the lovely comments about our Lakme Fashion Week blog post. It's great to  be able to introduce some of you to the wonderful world of fashion in India. If you like our Lakme post then definitely do check out our Anamika Khanna Delhi Couture week post for some more Indian Fashion.

Monday, 25 August 2014

lakme fashion week a/w 2014

Its that time of year again when Lakmé Fashion Week is all over your dash on tumblr, your pins on pinterest and tweets on twitter. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, sometimes sifting through all the designers seems like a daunting task, sometimes you see the same piece by the same designer over and over again and wonder what about the rest of the collection? Not to worry, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work--picking my favourites from the 2014 A/W season. This year was especially exciting since 4 Pakistani designers were featured, two of which--Sanya Maskatiya and Zara Shahjahan--are two of my favourite designers. Personally, I like subtlety and detail two things that are hard to pull off but I feel India and Pakistan can get right a lot of the times. My favourite collections were by Sanjay Garg--it was absolute perfection with the metallics, details, colours, fabric---Zara Shahjahan whose collection can be called a mix between Shehlaa by Shehla Khan and Anushree Reddy and so was a great display of soft romantic pieces with a tastes of florals and detailed embroidery, Anushree Reddy who wowed me again--especially with the measuring tape borders and of course Manish Malhotra who is always a sure bet to deliver, thats why he was the finale show. An honourable mention to Payal Singhal whose clothing cuts and overall design was standout to me.

I know this post is super long and heavily image based so try and bear with me!

Hope you enjoy my picks and please do let me know which ones were your favourites either here or that I have left off:

Sanjay Garg Lakm
é Fashion Week A/W 2014:

Zara Shahjahan Lakmé Fashion Week A/W 2014:

Krishna Mehta Lakmé Fashion Week A/W 2014:

Masaba Lakmé Fashion Week A/W 2014:

Anju Modi Lakmé Fashion Week A/W 2014:

 Ikai Lakmé Fashion Week A/W 2014:

Marg by Soumitra Lakmé Fashion Week 2014:

Vaishali S Lakmé Fashion Week A/W 2014:

Anushree Reddy Lakmé Fashion Week A/W 2014:

 Anita Dongre Lakmé Fashion Week A/W 2014:

 Manish Malhotra Lakmé Fashion Week A/W 2014:

 Gaurang Lakmé Fashion Week A/W 2014:

 Arpita Mehta Lakmé Fashion Week A/W 2014:

 Jade  Lakmé Fashion Week A/W 2014:

Pyal Singhal Lakmé Fashion Week A/W 2014:

Ridhi Mehra Lakmé Fashion Week A/W 2014:
  Varun Bahl Lakmé Fashion Week A/W 2014:

**All photos taken from the Official Lakmé Fashion Week Facebook Page 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

White Palette Inspiration

{White Palette Inspiration}

images from: 1, 2, 3, 4

images from: 1, 2, 3, 4

There is something about whites that I'm really drawn to. Whether it be fancy Indian/Pakistani wear to fancy western ball gowns or summer dresses white is my go to. White laces and crochet is something I love filling up my closet with. Pairing white with gold is another one of my favourite things to do. It's not only white clothes that I'm drawn to but white flowers are also my favourite.  White peonies, hydrangeas and roses! So when we were thinking about renovating our kitchen I was super happy when the entire family agreed on a white kitchen! I can't wait to reveal the renovations on here. 


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Rain or Shine

photo by Jespreet

{Finds} Rain or Shine Ice cream 

I had heard a lot about Rain or Shine, but had not come around to trying it. Located on 4th avenue, in Kitslano Vancouver, this was a perfect treat to have while walking down to Kits beach to catch the annual Celebration of Lights Fireworks.  There were loads of ice cream flavours to choose from and even better a variety of toppings for the icecream.  I had vanilla icecream, with the topping of hot fudge and candied hazelnuts.  It was YUM! This is definitely a place I will be going to for some dessert whenever I find myself having dinner on 4th.  And it is always a plus when the place has such a cute interior with a very clever name for a city such as Vancouver.

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