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Monday, 4 August 2014

3 ways to wear a maxi dress

3 ways to wear a maxi dress
As you all know from my outfit blog posts this summer, I love maxi dresses for the summer. They basically are my summer uniform.  I find maxi dresses to be comfortable and versatile.  Most commonly a maxi dress is usually paired with a denim jacket, but I wanted to show all the other ways you can wear a maxi dress, so here are 3 ways to wear a maxi dress:

3 ways to wear a maxi dress

1. CROP TOP: This is a fun way to change up the look of the maxi dress. You can mix and match colours and patterns. It almost makes it look like separates (a top and skirt)

3 ways to wear a maxi dress - maxi dress with crop top

maxi dress: The Gap Outlet Store
crop top: forever 21

2. CHAMBRAY SHIRT: As I mentioned in this outfit blog post, I prefer to pair my maxi dress with a chambray shirt than a denim jacket.  It's great to throw on a chillier summer night

3 ways to wear a maxi dress - maxi dress with chambray shirt

maxi dress: forever 21
chambray shirt: old navy

3. BELT IT: This is the easy way to change up your maxi dress, whether it's with a simple belt I have here or a big statement belt, play around and have fun with it! I also like the way this cinches on my waist and defines it!

3 ways to wear a maxi dress - maxi dress with belt

maxi dress: forever 21
sandals: birkenstocks

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  1. Looking good! Love all 3 looks :)

  2. Love the crop top look! Super cute!


  3. Great ways to get more out of your maxi dresses :)


  4. I love the Belt It look. I have a nice collection of maxi dresses too and I have to say they are the best outfits for the summer. I love how I can just throw one on and that's it, I'm ready to go!

    Yazmin xx

  5. Great styling, I love layering pieces! :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  6. Great maxi looks! I especially love the last one with the belt.

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  7. i've always enjoyed wearing my maxi with a cropped top!!! neat ideas!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  8. These maxi dresses are so cute! love the prints and colors!


  9. I love wearing maxi dresses as skirts, and I'll probably start doing that once it gets cold outside. I love all three looks, by the way. :)

    -Helen Grace

    Sweet Helen Grace

  10. Fun post! Love all the different ways you dressed the maxi's.

  11. Great styling tips! I always think the copped top with a maxi is a cute look, however I haven't tried it yet! Perhaps this weekend :) You look beautiful in your photos, thanks for the inspiration!

  12. love the one with the chambray shirt!

    victoria from http://www.thedailyvictorian.com


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