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Friday, 15 August 2014

Friday Finds

I'm go glad that it's the end of the week! The counters are finally going in and for the first time I finally see the end of these renovations.  Also this past week I finally submitted my masters thesis draft to my supervisor, so now I'm just anxiously waiting to hear back.  Here are some interesting things that I came across and wanted to share with you all:

  1. So I just can't wait until I'm finished my masters thesis and I can finally tackle all the unread novels on my bookshelf! And to add to all those books here are some great book lists to look forward to: ted talks books and 101 books read instead of 50 shades
  2. I'm an avid sports fan and a huge ice hockey fan.  I've been watching hockey as a little girl and have followed sports my whole life but I'm often upset by the sexism that is present in professional leagues. Not only on the administrative and playing level but on a fan-to-fan basis. Here is an interesting video on  sports and sexism vid and yay to the NBA for hiring a female assistant coach!
  3. Having done one of my degrees in psychology I'm interested in studies such as these: Take two 'normal' people, Add money to just one of them, and watch what happens
  4. And here is some dose of bollywood.  Those of you that are bollywood fans know that Karen Johar and his films are quintessential bollywood. This interview really provides insight into him for he is being interviewed by a close friend who is also in the film industry, he talks about everything from Shah Rukh Khan (one of the biggest bollywood actors) to his love life. Enjoy!
  5. Lastly this is the video we shared on twitter this past week, this video depicts a world of if men were to live life as women do what they would face.  As a feminist myself I feel that this video has a great message.  

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  1. Hey! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my post for the rules ☺
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