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Friday, 12 September 2014

20 facts about me part 2

Tript just did the "20 facts about me" post as we were nominated by I am Chic London and so its only fair since we both run this blog that I too should do it! Here we go:

1. I was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
2. I am the second eldest of four and also the tallest at 5'9"
3. I lived away in London, England whilst studying at Central Saint Martins and will be moving back
    to England--but this time to Oxford-- to do my Masters in Classical Archaeology.
4. Since we are on the topic of studies I have attended three different universities/colleges in        
    Vancouver (UBC, SFU, and Langara), graduating from the University of British Columbia with a       BA in Classical Archaeology but I also have Fashion Merchandising and Art and Design diplomas     from Blanche Macdonald and Central Saint Martins respectively.
5. I was born Anemic (Iron deficiency) and have dealt with it my whole life and undergo IV infusions    despite the fact that I have a severe phobia of needles (like I faint...without doubt every.time.)
6. I have played floor hockey my whole life and also played field hockey (indoor and outdoor)      
    competitively since I was 12, I have also played softball and enjoy most sports with hand-eye co-
7. I am a die hard ice hockey fan and my favourite team is (obviously) the Vancouver Canucks with
   the Montreal Canadiens as a close second. Me, Tript, our dad and cousin were at the Western
   Conference game that provided the win that took us to the Stanley cup finals in 2011 (also a year  
   we do not talk about)
8. I don't have my driver's license, partly because I cant trust other drivers on the road, because I have
    no interest in buying a car, because I love the environment and mostly because the public
    transportation in Vancouver has spoiled me!
9. Even though I can be a sponge when it comes to retaining information related to history, most days
    I have to check with my sister who is a year younger than I am for my age.
10. I am what they would call "left-wing" but I don't like labels so lets not go there...
11. My guilty pleasures are Indian TV Serials and Pakistani TV shows
12. I can speak English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and un peu de français---I also know Latin but there is
     no one to speak it to really so...
13. My favourite Greek Gods are: Hermes, Apollo and Dionysus; My favourite character in the Iliad
      is Hektor (I get a knot in my throat); My favourite Epic is a 3 way tie between Homer's Iliad,  
      Virgil's Aeneid and Lucan's Civil War (Pharsalia); My Favourite characters from the Mahabharat
      are: Karn, Arjun, and Shikandani; My least favourite Greek Heroes are: Achilles (stop whining
      please) and Odysseus, with the Odyssey being my least favourite Epic (too similar to childhood
      favourite Sinbad).
14. Pasta is my most favourite food on earth next to samosas and shah-i-paneer
15. I went on a dig last summer on the Archaic Sanctuary of Apollo at Despotiko off the coast of
     Antiparos/ Paros
16. I have travelled quite a lot (13 countries) including Italy, UAE, Norway, Scotland, France etc.
17. My favourite film ever is probably Guru Dutt's Pyasa, which is without a doubt always relevant in
      subject matter no matter what decade
18. My maternal grandfather's maternal ancestral land is the last point between India and Pakistan, it
      literally has barbed wire on it, dividing the two countries.
19. I am not a crier, I just physically can't cry--- its not my
     coping mechanism--- having said this, this is something that has persisted before my stoic and
     buddhist spirituality developed in my later years.
20. Monkeys, lemurs, prosimians, racoons, elephants, chimpanzees and bonobos all have a soft spot
       in my heart--but I'm not a PETA supporter even though I believe animals should be treated fairly.


  1. Wow, that list of languages! Also have fun in England for your masters :)


  2. Great facts, fun to read!



  3. Such an interesting (and also very impressive) set of facts!

    Lauren x

  4. Wow what an amazing list of accomplishments


  5. You're so lucky you have good public transportation! I would probably not drive either if it were the same in my city :P

    Every Day In Grace

  6. woahh..that is quite an interesting post.. we share our likes for Indian and Pakistani tv shows..n ofcourse the pasta too..good to know you Prabh!
    love, from India,
    Jes @baysandflavors.com


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