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Monday, 1 September 2014

last indian wedding reception of the season

I don't know about any other weddings but what I do know about is the Indian (Punjabi) wedding season madness. You see June, July and August have always been spent--for as long as I can remember-- going to someone's wedding that I've probably never met, or talked to, or heard of. It sounds horrible, I know, but the Indian wedding season is exhausting. Some summers you may only have 2 maybe 4 weddings to attend (this is a weeks worth of festivities I'm talking about here for each wedding) other summers you can go above the 5/8 mark and that means you're strategizing outfits and seating arrangements and events and most of all avoiding or finding people. But the up side always is that you get to dress up really fancy in Indian traditional or cutting edge trends and get to eat really reaaallllyyy good food and if you're lucky you're not forced to dance...okay who am I kidding you're always forced to dance. This was our last wedding of the season and due to renovations we had to make do with what we had in our reach.

This is a traditional salwar-kameez worn across India, but specifically in Punjab. Its in a rich purple-y-blue raw silk and contrasted with a hot pink. I decided to wear this even though its a little less fancy for a reception but I dressed it up with traditional Punjabi earrings, chumkeh.

As I talked about a few posts ago I really love the colour white! This was a last minute purchase as I needed something to wear when the Times of India Film Awards took place last year and I ended up winning tickets (can you imagine!!!). I love this anarkali, its simple, has a touch of mint green, lace and embroidery and so has a classy and elegant feel to it-- but because my jewellery was packed away I couldn't dress it up as much as I usually like to with hair accessories and larger earrings. 

For more Indian Fashion check out Lakme A/W 2014, Anamika Khanna (she is one of our fav Indian designers) blog post and follow along on Instagram!



  1. This is so neat and beautiful!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness! You have such a cute blog! Lovely blouse:) xo, Hayley

  3. You both look beautiful x
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  4. Jewel tones are where it's AT for fall! I love the pairing of royal purp with gorge!
    Thank you for taking the time to swing by hun, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

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  6. I was here for a party and there was so much food and it was all done so well! I didn't even care that I'd just been to Tupelo less than 12 hours ago. I could not stop eating.

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