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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

buttery cinnamon buns

So what's the worst case scenario when you are on a gluten free diet (well not exactly the worst, but you know what I mean) my cousin baking the most buttery cinnamon buns!! I've been pretty good at resisting all the baking going on in the house. But this one was a tough, I mean the cinnamon smell filled the house, I couldn't escape it. Cinnamon buns, with icing, and this one being Paula Deen's recipe meant lots of butter, I'm sorry but I gave in! But I only had a bite! And oh my god, these cinnamon buns melt in your mouth, you feel all the butter goodness in your mouth! 



  1. Oh my gosh these look sooooo good. I'm making these!!


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  3. These look so yummy! definitely going to attempt these myself although I can't say I'll be any good at it :) xxxx


  4. OMG, this look so good! I've actually never considered making my own cinnamon rolls (always opted for store-bought), but this post makes me want to try! Maybe for one lazy Sunday morning....




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