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Sunday, 30 November 2014

India trip: Punjab land of Agriculture

cooking on traditional woodstoves

cow dung, dried and made into big patties -- then burned in the woodstoves 

cooking on traditional wood stoves

I arrived in India a few days ago. It's been a whirlwind since then! This is my 7th time in India, but each time there is a bit of culture shock that one has to overcome. The first couple days are a mixture of loud horns, living the village life, lots of relatives, jet lag, no sleep and just adjustment in general. I'm staying at my mom's ancestral home in a village in Punjab, India. Punjab is known as the bread basket of India. Agriculture runs in the blood of the people from here. The house is in the middle of fields.  It's absolutely beautiful to be surrounded by fields.  In these past few days I've fitted in: eating saag with makhi roti (a traditional meal of Punjab) with lots of Makhani (whipped butter), an attempt to learn how to ride a scooter (vespas are really common here), riding a three wheeler, shopping in the traditional markets, and then shopping in a mall that transformed you from being in India to feeling like you were almost back in North America, visiting relatives, and eating lots! My sleep is still have a major problem adjusting, and my sinus/cold/allergies have began -- as they always do when I come to India at this time. Otherwise I'm having a great time, trying to absorb everything in!

Will continue to keep you updated on the trip here on the blog. And since I have data on my cellphone plan, I am also posting to Instagram and twitter with the hashtag #fnfindia. Follow Along!


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

5 new favourite English singer/songwriters

Since moving to England I have come across many new singer/songwriters that I have fallen in love with. Some of them are new in the sense that I had never heard of them and others in the sense that they are literally new. Hope you enjoy my selection:

1. Ben Howard

2. Nick Mulvey

3. George Ezra

4. James Bay

5. Daughter


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Oxford Trip

I can't believe a week and half is over, it just flew by! It didn't help that I was unwell for the first little bit. I'm still not feeling great, but keeping my fingers crossed that the worse is over (I have been on a diet of rice, potatoes and greek yogurt for almost 2 weeks now!). Anyways, in my short time here, I fell in love with Oxford. The atmosphere, the people, the buildings, the culture -- I love it all. It's a cute little city that feels like it exists in a bubble. Having visited and lived in England before, I have got to say this has to be one of my favourite places in England thus far that I have visited -- I also love London. There are many highlights to my trip - getting to go to formal dining hall at Lincoln college (felt like I was transported to another world -- imagine the scene from harry potter!), hanging out at the Eagle and Child Pub (where J.R. Toilken and C.S. Lewis used to hang out), drinking tea at england's oldest coffee house, walking around and exploring all the colleges and Oxford with Prabh (some people call this academic disneyland), getting to meet Prabh's friends, and of course just spending some time with my sister who I miss so dearly but I'm so proud of her! It's been great! Now off to the next part of the trip -- India! I'm hoping the Wifi will be on my side there -- I will be staying at the village my mom is from -- keep fingers crossed!

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

friday finds

Can't believe it's friday already! Time goes by way quicker when you are on a trip! Here are some interesting links I have come across over the week. Again we would love to hear your opinions on the links in the comments below. A healthy discussion is a great way to learn. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

1. If people of colour had white "fetishes", I think this video speaks for itself! 

2. The representation of asian men or even asian women in the media is not fair. Often asians are presented in very stereotypical ways which go on to reinforce the the wrong ideas about them. This is also very true for south asians and the way they are portrayed in mainstream media. Check out this work by photographers that try to shatter the stereotypes. 

3. did you know you can't actually see the great wall of china from space, well this infographic debunks 52 myths! 

4. Going to India means lots of shopping! Therefore I definitely have my Indian Fashion inspiration for reference when working with the tailors to design my Indian outfits or when shopping in India!

5. For those of you wanting to enhance your social media skills, whether for your business or blog, I just came across all these free courses on social media! 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

the best vegetarian stuffing ever

vegetarian stuffing recipe

vegetarian stuffing recipe

vegetarian stuffing recipe

vegetarian stuffing recipe

Us Canadians already had our thanksgiving in October but I wanted to share the vegetarian stuffing that we made with our American friends who will be celebrating thanksgiving next week. So really even though this is stuffing, we didn't stuff anything.  We just had the stuffing alone. Since the majority of us our vegetarian, we don't stuff a turkey, but the love for the stuffing means we make plenty of stuffing for everyone to have! We also replace the turkey with other main dishes, this year we did the tex-mex quinoa stuffed peppers as the main dish with many sides such as these dinner rolls! Back to the stuffing, this stuffing was delicious and easy recipe to follow and considering it claims to be the "best vegetarian stuffing ever", it sure did live up to it! 


Monday, 17 November 2014

Fall Layers

Jacket // TopShop
Denim Dress // TopShop
Cardigan // Spanx // similar
Plaid/Tartan Scarf // TopShop // similar
Boots // Aldo 

England is absolutley my favourite shopping destination in the world and the fact that I get to live here and shop freely again is both exciting and a dream! From Primark, to New Look to River Island and even Topshop, the clothes, the style and the prices are almost always better than back home (sorry Vancouver). The Oxford style is very particular, but I have never been one to conform my personal style, its barbours, collared shirts and v-necks and yes, most of the time you will see someone in a lounge suit, or a gown, or a black-tie, or formal gown , or tweed with a smoking pipe-- butthat doesn't mean that everyone here is a posh drone, people have their own styles and its great to see that--honestly its academic disneyland mixed with the new infringing on the old and its wonderful and keeps you guessing!

Friday, 14 November 2014

friday finds

Hello Everyone! We haven't done "friday finds" blog post on here for a while. Honestly these blog posts are some of my favourites. I just love sharing and discussing interesting articles or videos I come across in my daily life, so the blog medium is a great way to do this with a wider audience. Feel free to express your opinions in the comments section. A healthy conversation is always a great way to come across various opinions/viewpoints and learn a whole lot more! 
  1. In this animated video Dr Brene Brown discusses the power of empathy and more importantly the difference between sympathy and empathy. As a person who suffers from severe anxiety, this video really hit home in many ways. 
  2. This video showcases exactly how ridiculous advertisements look due to the objectification of women, it's sad that one has to replace the women in these ads with men to realize this. 
  3. So having an international development background I can go on and on about this topic. But poverty porn is real, it exists, it's a way of marketing the poor to the mostly western, northern hemisphere and it trivializes poverty. It's a misrepresentation of the poor and often leads to charity and not action or elicits this kind of behaviour. I found this article to be a great summary. 
  4. So growing up I was a huge Spice girls fan, I mean I was hooked right from "wannabe", so it was interesting to read this article which states that scientists have found "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls as one of the most catchiest song out there!
  5. Lastly, this link is great, "how to become a designer without going to design school" - the title says it all. It provides many resources for us non design students out there. I have taken a couple of design courses but nothing major, so go ahead and check it out! 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

glimpse into my Oxford trip

So here is a glimpse into my Oxford trip thus far. I'm visiting Prabh here on my way to India. These are just quick photos taken on my phone (sorry about the poor quality) but I just wanted to give you all an update on the trip.  I've only been here for a few days and I have been really unwell. Nonetheless, I'm so glad to be reunited with Prabh! I missed her terribly! And Oxford is just so beautiful. It all feels like a movie set! The best part so far has been attending formal dinner at Prabh's college, Lincoln College. It felt like a scene out of the harry potter movies. We all were in our gowns, there was a high table, and 3 course meal served to us in this beautiful hall, it was quite the experience sitting in the same hall where once Dr. Seuss who also attended Lincoln College at Oxford must have dined. I'm so proud of Prabh! I'm looking forward to resting for a couple of days, since I'm not well. I also need my sleep to adjust. I'm really sensitive to the time zone difference. Hoping this will all prepare me for my trip to India! 

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