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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Oxford Trip

I can't believe a week and half is over, it just flew by! It didn't help that I was unwell for the first little bit. I'm still not feeling great, but keeping my fingers crossed that the worse is over (I have been on a diet of rice, potatoes and greek yogurt for almost 2 weeks now!). Anyways, in my short time here, I fell in love with Oxford. The atmosphere, the people, the buildings, the culture -- I love it all. It's a cute little city that feels like it exists in a bubble. Having visited and lived in England before, I have got to say this has to be one of my favourite places in England thus far that I have visited -- I also love London. There are many highlights to my trip - getting to go to formal dining hall at Lincoln college (felt like I was transported to another world -- imagine the scene from harry potter!), hanging out at the Eagle and Child Pub (where J.R. Toilken and C.S. Lewis used to hang out), drinking tea at england's oldest coffee house, walking around and exploring all the colleges and Oxford with Prabh (some people call this academic disneyland), getting to meet Prabh's friends, and of course just spending some time with my sister who I miss so dearly but I'm so proud of her! It's been great! Now off to the next part of the trip -- India! I'm hoping the Wifi will be on my side there -- I will be staying at the village my mom is from -- keep fingers crossed!

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  1. Your photos are beautiful! And Oxford must be a gorgeous place, with all the history and culture! Have fun in your mum's hometown too!
    With love,

  2. Oh my! I literally just visited Oxford as well and have just posted about it! Mine centered about all the Harry Potter sights though! I'm from Los Angeles who recently just moved to England and taking in all these new sights has been a dream. I am obsessed with England. I would certainly miss all this beauty around me when I go back to LA in 3 years. This was wonderful to see. I'm glad I'm not alone loving Oxford! xx

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  3. Your photos are stunning. They really capture the quintessentially British nature of Oxford. Such a beautiful and quaint city :)

  4. so fun! You are giving me a major case of the travel bug!

  5. I always love your looks, Perfect as usual http://www.michaelkorsibag.com

  6. Oxford never ceases to amaze me :) Beautiful photos ^^


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