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Sunday, 14 December 2014

My Everyday Makeup

My Everyday Makeup


Let's just say I'm no makeup expert, nor makeup obsessed. I've always have had a very simple makeup routine. Over the years after much experimenting and enlarging my makeup knowledge, I've come to a makeup routine that I'm very comfortable with and liking.  Note, this is my my everyday makeup, having said that, that doesn't mean I wear makeup everyday, I'm comfortable stepping out with a fresh face with little to no makeup on as well. But this makeup routine is something I find easy, simple, and quick. 

1. Concealer // Mac Mineralize Concealer NC35

I do not wear foundation. I have been lucky to be blessed with great skin. So for my everyday simple makeup I don't require foundation. I do however use concealer around my eyes. Having a south asian background means I'm more prone to dark circles, allergies don't help much either! Therefore I use concealer to cover up the dark circles and lighten up the area around my eyes. Since I don't wear foundation this concealer is good for it's medium coverage and easy blending.

2. Marcelle Eye Shadow

After my first step of putting on concealer, I wear some simple light eye shadow if I'm in the mood to, otherwise I do my eyeliner. As I mentioned I have allergies, and am hypersensitive to many things. Therefore I find using Marcelles line of eye shadows best for me. 

3. Eyeliner // Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer Eyeliner

I enjoy using this liner because it's the rolling pencil kind. I have not yet mastered liquid or pen eyeliner. I will only attempt liquid liners when I have the time or I'm getting getting dolled up for an outing of some sort or if I'm feeling up to it / in the mood! Otherwise I love this liner. It's easy to use. I have small-medium eyes I would say, so I exaggerate the eyeliner at the ends to make my eyes appear larger. I think line under my last line at the bottom, again to give my eyes a larger look. I find this liner to last a long time!

4. Mascara // Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, Very Black

Again, mascara is something I don't really wear too much. I have quite long eyelashes which curl up by themselves. So most days I don't find the need to wear mascara. But if I have heavier liner on, I then do wear some mascara so they stick out a little bit more. This is mascara is great for everyday simple makeup looks.

5. Blush // Mac Mineralize Blush Warm Soul 

This colour is perfect for a everyday look simple makeup look. It's subtle, but yet makes all the difference. Blush is again something I wear here and there, really depends on my mood, what I'm wearing and where I'm going.

6. Lipstick // Luminous Creme Lipstick - Bite Beauty - Shiraz

So when it comes to lipstick I have had a long struggle. My lips react to every lipstick out there. They flare up and swell up.  I have FINALLY found a lipstick that my lips can handle, thanks to Bite Beauty! It's so creamy it feels like butter on your lips and my lips don't react! The colour Shiraz is a perfect everyday colour. It's a soft plum colour that adds just a little colour to my lips!



  1. your everyday makeup is simply the best to show info.
    love Mac

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing! I'm no makeup expert myself, and try to use as little makeup as I can.
    Lera's Affordable Fashion Blog

  3. I absolutely adore the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara! Thanks for sharing!

  4. great tips & products! thanks!

  5. The only thing that I use on a daily basis is a concealer or foundation. Unfortunately, I can't step out of the house without covering up some bits and bobs.. :)

  6. Great products you have here. I really love the Bite Luminous Lipsticks! The formula is amazing!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  7. I love that liner! Thanks for sharing your faves!

    Heidi D.

  8. Don't like using concealers or foundation on daily basis either. Feels so heavy on skin!
    The Great Lash mascara is absolutely amazing. I also like using it for everyday makeup :)

  9. Def gonna try the MAC concealer. Have been hearing great reviews about it :D
    Thanks for sharing, love!


  10. MAC mineralize blushes and Bite Luminous Crème lipsticks are some of my favourite makeup products! I've just posted my own everyday makeup routine over on my blog ! xo

    MD |

  11. Amazing Post!! Love MAC Products and I like the lipstick too :D

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