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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Vegetarian Superbowl Snacks

Here is the thing, I don't know much about football. I'm a huge hockey fan,  Go Canucks Go! But with our close proximity to Seattle, much of Vancouver has jumped on the football bandwagon since last year.  Having cousins that live just across the border also contributes to all the Superbowl madness that is taking place at our house this year. My cousin, who is from south of the border is currently living with us and that has meant that I have given her company on watching many football games this year and have watched the Seattle Seahawks playoff run. So come this Sunday, it's going to be Go Seahawks Go! Although my cousin is going to be preparing some spicy hot wings this weekend for the big game, I decided to do my own vegetarian snacks for the superbowl, since I'm vegetarian! We are planning a little superbowl get together where many of us will be vegetarian.  Although when I first did a superbowl snacks search the primary results were those of bbq hot wings and the sorts. So I decided to put together my very own Vegetarian Superbowl Snacks roundup here:

Vegetarian Tacos

This vegetarian twist on tacos makes a great filling snack or meal even! Perfect for game day! Setting up a taco bar would be great especially if you are having lots of people over.  

Homemade Soft Pretzel Bites

Yum, these classic superbowl snacks are always a favourite. These are great to munch on during those intense moments in the game.  

Easy Guacamole Recipe

This might be the most easy and quickest recipe on this round up.  Guacamole is always a fav! Whether you serve it with chips, bread or even a topping for your tacos, this is definitely going to be a hit. 

Cauliflower Breadsticks

These cheesy goodness cauliflower breadsticks make a perfect vegetarian superbowl snack idea.  Lots to go around and the cheesy goodness might even make you forget about those hot wings! 

Quinoa Pizza Bites

This is such a great take on Quinoa! Not only would these be filling but also fun to eat! Great to make a whole batch of these if you are throwing a Superbowl Party.  And a testament to the fact that vegetarians can have some fun delicious vegetarian superbowl snacks as well!

There you have it! hope you will try some of these out! 



  1. Great picks, those pretzel bites look delicious!

  2. Everything here looks so delicious! I need to try some of them soon. :)


  3. Aw every foods look so delicious
    Im so hungry after watching this pictures.
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know if you follow me
    I will follow you back after it
    Thank you

  4. omg soft pretzel bites... YUMMMM!!!! I need these now!


  5. That dress is so fun! The geometric pattern is so cool. You are rocking this!

  6. Stunning dress, looks amazing on you! Cute shoes as well

  7. Loving your closing remarks just about as much as I love this dress. Beautiful!

  8. This dress is stunning! Love all the mesh and laser cuts! Fabulous flattering curves!:-) Super nude heels too!

  9. I love how you half tucked the shirt! Unbuttoned to a barely decent degree and half tucked is my favourite way of wearing (my husband’s) shirt!

  10. beautiful outfit, love your shoes.

  11. Great assorted recipes! Love them all! :)

  12. oh I love soft pretzels and who doesn't love TACOS!! I am curious about that cauliflower app! I won't mention any meat related here but as omnivore I something more than plain veggie platter fair..boring!! I am not big Footbowl fan either although my 11 yr old son is!



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