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Friday, 30 October 2015

Friday Finds

1. CBC Music partnered with Return-it (Environmental/recycling program) and challenged 3 British Columbian musicians, Hey Ocean! Shred Kelley and Yukon Blonde to create songs out of recycled instruments. They were then voted on by the public on youtube and the results were amazing! Have a look at all 3 songs here.

2. This site helps you calculate your sleep cycles and figure out when you should wake up according to the time you sleep and also when you should sleep according to what time you need to be awake by. So helpful!

3. These Topshop Platform Sandals are on Sale! I was wanting some like these all summer long, might just go ahead and take advantage of this steal!

4. My Fall Nail Colour picks 1, 2, 3

5. This video tackles the complex issue of the need to diversify writer's rooms for film and television. We all know about the Matt Damon "incident" from a few weeks ago, this video works as a nice response.

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

October Outfit Roundup & nordstrom sale

October went by fast - no surprise there! Towards the end of the year, time starts to move at a faster pace and before we know it it's the new year. The holidays just whizz by! Here is a roundup of our October looks on the blog. Again we really want to thank our readers for sticking with us and giving us so much support during our re-launch.  This has been one of our best blogging months in terms of content and readership.  To express our gratitude to our readers we are doing a Thanksgiving Giveaway - two lucky readers will win $400 via paypal each. Also, since Nordstrom is having an amazing sale we also curated some of our favourite picks! Check it out at the bottom of the post!

black + white

back to basics

all about comfort: my daisy print pants

pale pink + gold punjabi suit

what I love about autumn/fall

We curated some of our favourite items from the Nordstrom Sale, Check it out (Disable your adblocker to view)

 *note this post contains affiliate links. by you clicking we receive a tiny profit. thanks

What I love about autumn/fall

Transitional seasons are my favourite. If I look on the surface it is a time when you can see things physically changing...the leaves, the air, the wardrobes. But when I actually think about it, I like transitional seasons for more deeper reasons. They bring with them a renewed hope, a sensation in the pit of your stomach that things can change, a sigh of relief that the past is being left behind and the future is being embraced.

Honestly, the blooming of the first flowers in spring and the reddening of the first leaves in Autumn/fall are enough to give me an existentialist crisis that other people may find ridiculous...but I do not think it is wrong to be hyper-aware of nature and of your humanity, or the "larger picture," so to speak, that we lose in our race for survival in a capitalistic world. Others may also think I am too optimistic. But I understand that these months are in fact transitional and that the leaves will fall and the flowers will wither...and again another existentialist crisis ensues.

Here are my favourite things about Fall/Autumn:

1. Walking on crunchy piles of leaves
2. Taking a walk and breathing in the crisp air
3. Halloween
4. A new school semester (I know some of you just cringed...I like learning!)
5. Being able to drink more cups of teas in a day
6. Getting to wear slippers
7. Getting to turn on the fireplace with a cup of tea in hand while wrapped in my warmest house throw
8. Getting to layer my clothes
9. Touques!
10. Hockey season is back

What are your favourite things about Fall/Autumn?

Cardigan: H&M, similar here, and here
Top: Forever 21, similar here, here and here
Trousers: Forever 21, similar here, here and here
Shoes: Zara, similar here, and here

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Green Bean Casserole + Thanksgiving Giveaway

Green bean casserole dish is a staple thanksgiving dinner dish and it's one of my favourites!  This recipe was amazing because everything was done from scratch and thats why I had such a fun time putting it together on thanksgiving.  And anyways who doesn't love a dish based entirely on green beans? They are honestly one of my favourite green vegetables and they are so quick to make always, whether it be in lots of butter and garlic or in an asian style in soy sauce and sesame oil.

Back to this dish, the original recipe didn't have many spices, just salt and pepper, but having an Indian background this non-spice situation was just a no go for me. I had to spice it up a bit!  So in the creamy mushroom sauce I added some cayenne pepper and garlic powder which gave it the little extra jump! For our american readers that still have thanksgiving coming up I highly recommend giving this green bean casserole dish a try!

On that note, with the thanksgiving theme and to show appreciation of our readers, we have teamed up with a group of bloggers for a Thanksgiving Giveaway! We truly appreciate our old readers that have stuck with us through our hiatus and now re-launch. We would also like to thank our new readers for your dedication to our blog and your lovely comments!

Check out our Vegetarian Canadian Thanksgiving Menu and The Best Stuffing Ever

Follow the Instructions below and remember to read the Terms and Conditions that apply:

a Rafflecopter giveaway Terms & Conditions: This giveaway opens on 10/25/15 and ends on 11/25/15. It's open worldwide, void where prohibited. There will be two (2) winners of $400 USD which will be paid via PayPal, or gift card of winners choice. Winners must be 21 years or older to win. Winners must complete all entries to be entered to win. Full Lives Reviews will choose a winner no later than 11/30/15 via random.org. The entries will be verified and the winners will be contacted via email. The winners have 48 hours to respond and claim prize. If the winner doesn't claim prize within 48 hours their prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be chosen. By entering this giveaway you are abiding by all laws and regulations in your country.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

back to basics

Somewhere along the way life becomes all too consuming with the wrong things, it becomes about acquiring more, moving ahead, consuming more and it takes a toll on you.  Sometimes we need to take the time to look around ourselves, observe our surroundings, and question if these are the people you want to be surrounded with, if this is the lifestyle you want to live, and if having all these things really matter.  In a way age as taught me to declutter. Declutter my life and live a simpler life. At times that might be difficult because I can have an anxious mind but that is the exact thing that is prescribed for such a mind.

 Just as in life, I have been finding myself decluttering my wardrobe. sticking to basics and neutrals than trendy pieces that come and go.  Basics and neutrals can be so versatile and last forever.  They end up being the most valuable pieces in the long run and somehow they make putting together an outfit much easier.

Sometimes we hold onto things for too long, and it feels better to let go and simplify.  This look is an ode to that. An ode to simplifying and purchasing what I need or absolutely desire.  A plain white dress, with a neutral long cardigan and some black classic sneakers. you can never go wrong with that!

White Dress - Forever 21 - similar here , here & here
Sneakers - similar here
Cardigan - The Gap - similar here & here

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Friday, 23 October 2015

Friday Finds

1. Education is so important to the both of us. Not only constantly learning and being students but changing the education system and the way we approach learning and learning environments. This article covers 13 of the most innovative schools in the world and they are truly inspiring!

2. This video of Koreans reacting to Bollywood actresses is honestly one of the best things on the web. Its hilarious and insightful!

3. Lusting over these boots, perfect for Rainy Vancouver!

4. While its interesting to see when two cultures meet, like in the Koreans react to Bollywood actors video, there is a fine line between cultural exchange and cultural appropriation. This video by Amandla Stenberg went viral a while back but is still very important for those who have not seen it. At such a young age she is able to articulate the complex issue of cultural appropriate, racism and popular culture.

5.In love with this song by Aidan Knight!

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2. The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub Review
3. 3 Day Itinerary: Como + Milan
4. Kiss & Makeup

From the Archives

1. My Everyday Makeup
2. How to get Kareena Kapoor's Jab We Met Look: Salwaar w/ Tshirt
3. Best of Prabh's Outfits

Friday Finds is a series that Footnotes and Finds runs every friday where we share interesting, informative and fun finds/links from around the web. Follow along!

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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Kiss & Makeup

We were delighted at the invitation we received to Kiss & Makeup's Holiday gift guide and makeup preview. We were provided with lovely tea and bubbly and then were allowed the chance to browse the gorgeous holiday collection. They had wonderful things that we would definitely give as christmas presents, ranging from Ilia beauty to Vancouver candle and co. The interior of the store itself was to die for, I especially loved the red carpet and wooden features. We also received fun goody bags! So if you're in Vancouver or North Vancouver and you need some holiday presents, you should definitely take a look at Kiss & Makeup...I mean I couldn't help myself and had to splurge on socks!


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

3 day itinerary: Como + Milan

I have been no stranger to the European advantage of jet-setting from one country to another for a weekend or longer. I have lived in the UK for some part of my adult life and have made some good friends that have now followed their careers to different countries in Europe. One of these friends is Kate who works in the textiles industry and has lived in Como, Italy for a few years now. To put into context just how much Kate and I value each other I will tell you this: When I first moved to Oxford I landed on the Sunday and Kate flew in from Como on thursday, leaving directly after work, and left early morning on Monday. She helped me settle in and gave me a sense of familiarity and encouragement that is invaluable to me.

I then visited her in my spring break from Friday to Monday and I'm going to share with you my travel itinerary in this post, which will be followed up with a travel diary, a food diary and an outfit diary int he weeks to come. Lots to look forward to!

So I said that the Itinerary is for 3 days even though I was away for 4, but I lost one day in travel so that is why I have boiled it down!

3 Day Itinerary for Como & Milan:

Day 1

1. Took 6:30 am bus from Oxford to Stanstead airport for 12:40 pm flight to Milano Bergamo arriving at 3:40 pm local time.
2. Took the Terravision bus from Milano Bergamo to the Milano centrale railway station
3. Waited for Kate at the McDonalds; we met and shared some fries
4. Took the train from Milan to Como
5. Got in around dinner time, watched the sunset on lake Como and went for dinner at Napule è Lago

Day 2

1. Took the morning train to Milan 
2. Went to Castello Sforzesco
3. Strolled, shopped and had tea
4. Went up Milan Cathedral for a view of Piazza del Duomo
5. Went inside Milan Cathedral
6. Lined up for Luini's panzerotti [so worth it!]
7. Visited Roman Palace ruins and Museo Civico Archeologico
8. Caught train back to Como
9. Had pastries at Pasticceria Capriccio di Como
10. Took the Funicolare up to Brunate while the sun set
11. Had dinner in Brunate [yummy mountain food] while watching the sunset on Lake Como with Switzerland in the distance
12. Had dessert back in Como at Cioccolati Italiani

Day 3

1. Took the ferry to Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo
2. Had lunch looking out to the Bellagio peninsula
3. Walked the gardens and visited the museum of Villa Carlotta
4. Caught a boat to Bellagio
5. Walked around Bellagio and had excellent gelato
6. Took the bus back to Como
7. Had Aperitvo in Como
8. Walked on the promenade of the Lake as the sun set
9. Had a late dinner at Napule è lago [because we loved it that much to go again!]
10. Packed for my long journey back [2 trains, a bus, a plane and another 4 hour long bus ride back to oxford--but it was all worth it!]

There were some things that we simply didn't have the time to do, but I feel for the amount of time that we had we did really well and actually did majority of the key things in Milan and in and around Lake Como! Hope this helps anyone planning a trip for this area!

We found this beautiful gazebo at Villa Carlotta and stole it for a solid 15 minutes to take pictures!

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Body Shop Shea Butter Body Scrub Review

My friends, October is in full swing and the temperatures are starting to cool down and before we know it we will be deep in winter.  And let's just say winter and my skin don't get along.  I have dry skin throughout the year but in the winter it is extra dry.  I have tried many lotions but let me tell you the body shop shea body scrub is my true saviour in the winter.  It is extremely hydrating to the point that you really don't need to moisture afterwards if you don't want to.

The Body Shop Shea Butter Body Scrub Review

The Body Shop Shea Butter Body Scrub Review http://www.footnotesandfinds.com

The body shop shea body scrub comes in a 200ml container with a top screw lid for $20 CAD.  It gently exfoliates the dead skin cells away revealing a hydrated and glowing skin.  It contains organic sugar and organic soy oil along with shea butter which all work to moisturize, nourish, protect, repair and exfoliate the skin.

Pros/ why I love it

*extremely hydrating for very dry skin
*gentle exfoliation
*leaves a shine/glow on your skin
*leaves skin feeling really soft
*subtle scent

Cons/ you might not like it:

*it isn't the most abrasive exfoliating scrub
*contains parabens

Buy it again?

Yes! This is already my second tub - that's how much I am in love with it

*note this post is NOT a sponsored post. The opinions expressed are my own personal viewpoints.  


Monday, 19 October 2015

all about comfort: my printed daisy trousers

Anyone that has known me longer than 10 years can tell you that my style trajectory is quite surprising. You see, when I was in highschool I was a jock and by default all my clothes were athletic-wear and back then that meant sweatpants with field-hockey written across the back and a zip-up or hoodie with my last name on it. Everything exuded my sports-centred life, either with my shirts that were earned from my personal or team accomplishments or my hair that was always neatly pulled away from my face with a thin Adidas hair-band. I don't like the term "tom-boy," it seems to indicate that sports are still for boys and when girls play them they are somehow more boy-ish or not upholding the social and sexist constructs of what it means to be a girl, but I digress.

For me, as it is still today, it has always been about comfort. I played competitively at a high level on 3 different teams at the same time and whatever time I had left I needed to eat, do homework and get sleep through the muscle aches, injuries and general fatigue. This meant that I prioritized comfort when it came to my clothing. This mantra has stuck with me. When I was in my early 20's I had to give up sports, sadly, because of health and this opened up the door for me and I suddenly went from the sweatpants-girl to the girl that always, without fail, wore a dress, because they are so comfortable (and I know some people will disagree with me on that, but I have never found jeans or trousers to be comfortable).

As I transitioned to my late 20's, clothing technology had advanced--I mean jeggings are a thing--and I found that trousers and trouser material became breathable, flexible and most importantly, comfortable. This summer was the summer of the trouser for me and one of my favourite pairs is this daisy print one from New Look. I wore it in Greece on hot, long, outdoor excursion days, I wore it in London when I knew I would be on my feet walking around the city until late, I wore them to the Perch Opening where I knew that I would be comfortable while still looking stylish...they're almost like my new form of sweatpants and my style trajectory seems to have come full circle.

Top: H&M
Trousers: New Look
Shoes: Metro
Earrings: River Island
Lipstick: Stila

ALSO: Its Election Day in Canada and if you're Canadian, do your part and VOTE!

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Friday, 16 October 2015

Friday Finds

1. My Grandfather used to have a friend when he was a child by the name of Allah-rakha, who, like many muslims during and after partition moved to Pakistan. They kept in contact and wrote letters to one another and one day the letters stopped. About 15 or so years ago my grandfather visited Pakistan and lamented that he was too late in visiting his friend as he had died before he could fulfill his promise of meeting him again. "Its saddening and frustrating," my grandfather would tell me few years ago when we were both in India at the same time last year while looking into the distance at a green fertile plain divided by barbed wire representing the division between India and Pakistan, "we lived so close but yet we could not meet." Not all war stories are about hate, some are about friendship and love, some are about unwanted separation and longing to meet again.

This google ad about reunion between two friends separated by the India-Pakistan partition, which by the way was the largest mass migration in human history, reminded me of my grandfather's story but also gave me hope. In this day and age, even with technology, there is still a lot of stereotyping and misinformation about people on either side of the border. But its nice to remember that there some who recall a different history and have experienced human kindness even in turmoil.

2. Staying on the theme of Pakistan. I wanted to share with all of you one of my favourite photographers, Mobeen Ansari. His ability to capture the essence of Pakistan [and now India] through his photography is uncanny. His portraits offer a glimpse into the real people of Pakistan's many different and vibrant communities and his landscape and architectural pictures are a stepping point into hidden back alleys of Old Lahore or the beautiful mountains of the north.

3. On a lighter note, I really want black oxfords to add to my collection and have recently fallen in love with majority of the ones on Urban Outfitter's website! Opinions?!!

4. October 10th was World Mental Health day and we found that this comic perfectly explains depression to those that struggle with sympathizing and even more, empathizing with others that have mental illnesses. If you really love it, there is also part 2! Its an issue that needs to be openly discussed and treated with a lot more urgency and seriousness than it has been, lets start talking.

5. October 19 is Election Day in Canada. GO VOTE! We need a change in this country.

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1. Black and White
2. 3 Teas for healthy living
3. UBC Perch Opening
4. 5 ways to get better sleep

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Thursday, 15 October 2015

5 ways to better sleep

5 ways to better sleep http://www.footnotesandfinds.com

5 ways to better sleep

Over the last year and a half or so let's say that sleep and I haven't really been friends. Sleep is so vital to your overall health. It has a major impact on your functioning, mood and cognitive abilities. I'm very sensitive to too much or too little sleep.  Thats why over the last few years I have established a bedtime and a period of time I need to be lying in my bed for. Before I even hit the bed, I have a bedtime routine. I have tried and tested many techniques and adapted various behaviours to aid in my sleep. I thought I would share with you all what has worked for me.  So below are my 5 ways to better sleep. Give them a try and let me know what works for you!

5 ways to better sleep: 

1. Have a set bed time

This sounds like the obvious, but it's also the most important. It's so important for your body to have a set time for it to start shutting down. The body likes routine.  It was about 5 years ago that I figured out what my optimal bed time is and now I really try to stick to it.  I like to be in my bed by a certain time and then leave some time for some winding down, whether that is scrolling on my phone or doing some reading before I turn off the lights.

2. Take a relaxing shower near bed time

I have always been a morning shower type person. It's a great way to start off my day. But recently I have discovered the calming effects of a nice long warm shower in the late evening or early night.  It relaxes my entire body, I can feel my muscles un-tensing and it relaxes my mind. So whether it be a long hot shower or a hot bath, allot some time at the end of your day and you will feel an automatic calmness take over your body.

3.  Taking away clocks

A digital alarm clock is a staple in most peoples' bedrooms.  We tend to have a need to be aware of time at all times. But my new experiment of not having a digital clock staring me in the face throughout the night is going well. It's great not to have the stress of being reminded over and over again what time it is, how much time you have left till you have to get up or just to sit there and watch the time literally go by on the clock. I mean sure I might check the time on my phone here and there, but it's a choice!

4. Avoid caffeine towards the end of the day

Having caffeine during the latter part of the day really effects me. I have cut down generally on caffeine in my life anyways, my stomach is way too sensitive to it and it was contributing to higher anxiety levels.  I do have some green tea some mornings other than that, I really try not to have something too stimulating especially in the late afternoon and onwards.  Instead drink some nice and relaxing teas closer to bed time, such as Rooibas tea or chamomile tea.

5.  Use your bedroom for sleeping

This means don't use it for studying or doing work or watching tv.  It should be the space that you associate with a good night's sleep and not stress. So if you have a study desk in your room I highly recommend moving it out. And not having a TV in your room helps you shut off and not be stimulated with visuals.  Instead try winding down by reading!

You might also enjoy reading: 5 Steps to a Better Morning


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

UBC Perch opening

Last week on our our snapchat (@footnotesnfinds) and our Instagram we shared us attending a restaurant opening. The University of British Columbia (UBC) opened its new fine-dining restaurant in its newly inaugurated Student Union Building, also known as the "nest." We were excited to get the invite for the opening, since we are both UBC Alumni. The restaurant has a beautiful and clear view of the mountains and the campus below from the outdoor patio seating. It is a "farm to table" concept, sourcing its produce from a rooftop garden located atop the nest. The food was great, the atmosphere refreshing and we were excited to be a part of it!

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