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Monday, 23 November 2015

10 Things I Love About Winter

Well it's officially getting colder in Vancouver, and if you know me you will know that I do not like the cold. I know, I know, that the rest of Canada is probably laughing at me since it doesn't get as cold here as it does elsewhere in Canada. It's just that I'm more of a summer person. I prefer the long summer days with the late sunsets. Come winter you will hear me constantly complain about how cold it is and how much I wish it would stop raining!  So I decided to use this post to think more positively and list some things that I love about winter:

1. Sitting by the fireplace wrapped in a throw
2. Hot Chocolate
3. Getting to wear my sweaters and scarves - both of which I have too many of!
4. The holidays - and all the get togethers 
5. Cozy nights in - warm throws and my fuzzy slippers with the fireplace on
6. All the yummy holiday and winter food
7. Touques 
8. The beautiful snow on the mountains
9. Dark lips and nails

Hoodie - Forever 21
Black Leigh Jeans - Topshop
Combat Boots - Aldo - Similar
What do you love about Winter? 



  1. I love this outfit because it's very relaxed and edgy, but very polished at the same time. I think most of your favorite things about winter are also on my list. I've been using the chilly weather as an excuse to drink as much hot chocolate and warm drinks as possible.

    Sweet Helen Grace

  2. I like all of your list, but I can't pull off #9. Thanks Joe @ www.mydaddoes.com

  3. Hey I live in Vancouver too :) (well Surrey but I rarely admit it lol). Love the outfit, totally something I would wear. Winter isn't all bad and your list proves that!

  4. Your makeup is so flawless. I'm all about dark lipstick looks.

    x Sola | www.lifestonedadventures.com

  5. I also prefer summer here!


  6. Thanks for reminding me there are things to love about winter! I'm actually looking forward to it right now, but I know a few months in I'll be ready for spring. ;-)

  7. Love the list! I hate the cold, but I love bright winter coats, and winter nail colors, like bordeaux and deep navy!

    xoxo www.touchofcurl.com

  8. I love dark lips and nails (I wear them year round though) and definitely getting cozy by a fire.


  9. This is so nice to keep positive about winter- I love the cozy aspects of it, too :)

  10. I love hot chocolate and the fire (which I currently have going lol!) I am in Ottawa and it was -7 this morning when we had to get my preschooler out the door. Brrrr

  11. I agree with your list. I love Winter except when I have to try to walk on slippery ice. Then, I'm not a fan. That is an awesome outfit too.

  12. I love winter too and just wish I had a fire place to cuddle up next to!

  13. Love everything on this list! This is the best time of the year!

  14. I loveeeee this time of the year too... curling near a roaring fire while sipping hot cocoa is the best! :D

  15. I love your list especially sitting next to a fireplace. I used to love to light the fireplace and chill by it when we stayed in our home state. I miss not having one.

  16. Awesome post! I tend to always complain about how cold it is but you are so right we need to think more positive because unless u live in a warmer never cold country it's going to be winter and it's coming full force haha! I love winter because of the beautiful snow and the fact that I can always get warm next to my fireplace, snuggle up with lots of blankets and drink hot coco can't do that in the summer lol!!!

  17. I hate the cold too! That's why I moved to LA lol. But it's good to focus on the positives!


  18. Nice post. I love winter too! What I love about the winter are the calm snowy nights. :-)


  19. I love winter too! Fashion is so much more fun in the winter in mu opinion

  20. I love this outfit and the dark lipstick looks amazing!


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