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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Essential Oils Guide: When and How to Use Essential Oils

Over the last few years I have consciously decided to have more of a holistic approach when addressing my health issues.  This has led to various paths, like  taking supplements, seeing a naturopath, taking supplements, going to yoga, trying out meditation and making drastic changes in my diet.  Expanding my horizon, when it comes to approaching my ailments, has led me to veer off the path of frustration that I would hit over and over again with my health.

My biggest take away is that along with western medicine and seeing your GP, it's important to explore and be open to other approaches when it comes to your health. Essential oils is in that category of supplementing my regular methods.  I have just started to dabble into the world of essential oils. The first step for me, when approaching a new method, is always to research and get as much information on it. Below we have shared a very informative infographic on essential oils which will help you understand when and how to use essential oils.

In short essential oils aid in physical and emotional wellbeing.  They are usually distilled from various plants and organic material such as seeds, flowers and leaves. There are a few different ways to use them. They can be applied topically on the skin, inhaled using various methods, or lastly with the supervision of a physician they can be ingested.  Essential oils can be greatly beneficial to your overall health including alleviating pain, balancing your mind and have an impact on your mood.

Check out and Pin the infographic below on when and how to use essential oils:


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NOTE: We are not health experts and the information provided is not expert opinion. Contact your doctor for further information and before starting any treatment.


  1. Wow!That guide is perfect! I really love the power of nature!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. So interesting!! Really useful guide.

    Carrie xx //


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