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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Holiday Gift Guide for Travellers

This is such a fun accessory for a traveller. I know it seems odd with today's world of digital photos and social media, but that is the exact reason why this is such a fun product. They are instant and you can collect them and create a collage, or put them in your travel journal. They can also be used as little postcard to send to your friends.

Over the last few years Herschel has become a household name. It all started off with the backpack craze, but they soon launched their luggage line, and let me tell you it's in all traveller's wish-lists! Not only is the quality great but they have fun prints as well.  This makes for a great carry on and all the reviews speak of how roomy it is.

Travelling means lots of transiting, whether it be airplane rides, car rides, train rides or bus rides. And that means a lot listening to music. Every traveller appreciates good headphones for a great music listening experience on their trips. The great thing about these super stylish gold and white Frends Taylor Headphones is that they are fully collapsible which allows them to fit in a small clutch and come with a carry case - making them perfect for travel.

Since a lot of travellers take along their ipad because it's easier to travel with than a laptop, it's important to have a durable case. This case is not only durable and sleak, but it has a neat design.  Great to have a case that will not only withstand the wear and tear of travel, but will also look good! 

It's always great to make your luggage stick out and be fun at the same time. This tag makes such a cute present! Its also a great stocking stuffer!

This is another cute gift and a super functional one. This sleep mask from J Crew would be great for a long flight or train ride.

Having a water bottle is a key necessity for a traveller and these super trendy S'well bottles are all the rave nowadays. They are super functional since they keep drinks warm for a certain amount of time and cold for a certain amount of time. Not only that, but they come in some fun colours and prints.

This is such a great gift for, not just the on the go tech savvy traveller, but, for any traveller. In the digital world we live in today, we all have so many devices that need to be charged. This charger works with iphones, ipads and other phones.  Along with the great design - the gold with the black non on it--it is ultra thin and all for a reasonable price!

Know a traveller that has been to many countries? This is such a fun gift to give an avid traveller. It's a cork board in the form of a globe where travellers can pin where they have been. Great way to keep track!

Herschel is known for their backpacks, and this backpack in particular is great for a traveller. It is the right size to use as a personal carry on and in every day life.  It has a great front pocket for easy accessibility. It is quite roomy, with the ability to fit a laptop.  It also comes in fun prints and colours.

I have travelled a lot and let me tell you, these are my life saviours when traveling. Travelling usually means a lot of walking.  A good pari of shoes is definitely something every traveller needs. Every big trip I have gone on I have bought a new pair of these. This is really high on my list when it comes to things to buy when I'm going on a trip. These also come in fun colours and styles.

This is another reasonably priced gift to give an avid travellers. All international travel requires a passport, so why not gift a fun looking passport holder?

Most travellers enjoy keeping a travel journal of some sort whilst travelling, and thats why gifting them a fun and stylish journal will make them think of you each time they write about their trip.



  1. Great list! I really am interested in that camera. :) I keep seeing it pop up on everyone's blogs; I had never even heard of it until today! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that cork globe, what a fun gift idea! And I need a new portable charger too, I love how sleek that gold one looks :)

  3. Great gift ideas! I would love to get that sleep mask. Super cute!

    All the Best,
    Allison |

  4. I love your list. Just got my Instax Mini 8. Yipee. <3 | Spices & Everything Nice

  5. What a great list! As a traveller myself, I would be so happy to receive any of these this year!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  6. I have the frends headphone in white/rosegold and I love them! so stylish! Great picks! xxx

  7. Great post for travelers. I love traveling and I already own most of these.

    Fatima |

  8. I've been eyeing that camera for a while now. Seems so fun! As a travel writer, I would love any of these! Fun list!

  9. My sister just got the Instastax Mini and it is so much fun!

  10. Those white and gold headphones need to get in my life asap! I've had my eye on them for far too long!



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