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Tuesday, 10 November 2015


For me the smell of cinnamon is synonymous with fall and even more so with this season I associate apple pies, cinnamon topped hot chocolate and snickerdoodles.  We have lots of bakers living in our house and that is why the smell of sugar and cinnamon is a constant once it's this time of the year!

We had not baked snickerdoodles before. But with a great recipe, the snickerdoodles were baked to a success and they sure didn't last that long! This recipe was perfect as it yielded soft and chewy cookies topped with a cinnamon-sugar mixture. I think of these old fashioned cookies as more of a mixture of bread and cookie.  Okay writing this post is making me crave them and they are already all gone! Give this easy snickerdoodle recipe a try! 

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  1. This does my "eat right til Thanksgiving" mission no good!! Snickerdoodles are absolutely delish!

    Janna |

  2. This does my "eat right til Thanksgiving" mission no good!! Snickerdoodles are absolutely delish!

    Janna |

  3. Oh my goodness, these snickerdoodles look INCREDIBLE. Already plotting to make some of my own.. Thanks for sharing. xo


  4. Thanks for linking to that recipe! Those snickerdoodles look absolutely delicious and are definitely going on my dessert Pinterest board. haha!

    Sweet Helen Grace

  5. These look so amazing! I would devour these in moments. =P

    xo, Vanessa


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