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Monday, 7 December 2015

Identity Crisis

I have always had long hair. It is a part of my identity, it makes me feel comfortable and it is how I felt I looked best. I always joked that I like consistency when it came to my hair (cut and length) because thats one thing I can choose to remain constant, everything else I have no control over. While I was always told by my friends to never cut my hair,  I knew it was time for a change.

You see, every time I sat in the hair-stylist's chair I shrunk back to comfort. Never straying, never craving spontaneity and change. I should also mention that up until a few years ago when I found my current hair-stylist (who is the best hair-stylist in the world in my opinion) I was horrified every time I went in to get a hair cut. So, long story short, I always felt that keeping to what I knew was the safest route for me to take. But now that I trust my hair-stylist and feel comfortable with him, I felt like being experimental...also perhaps I was beginning to feel a little too old for my natural beach waves.

So I went for it. Cut off 7 inches that were donated. And I have to admit that I love it. Sure I have to wash it more often and sure there is the whole figuring out how to sleep with it (since I used to sleep with my hair in a braid...I absolutely hate sleeping with my hair down), but its fun, light and different. It also takes me a lot less time to wash my hair and to have it air dry--not to mention I use half the amount of shampoo/conditioner than I used to. Its given me confidence to go shorter next summer...thats if I dont fall in love with my long hair again by that time!

Jacket: Primark, similar here
Sweater: H&M, similar here
Jeans: Old Navy
Socks: Kiss and Makeup, similar here
Shoes: Topshop, similar here
Lipstick: Chily Chilli by Colourpop


  1. So cool you went for the shorter hair! Sometimes the change like that is much needed!

  2. I love your short hair! It is good to have a change every now and again ... It suits you so well! Loving your outfit too .. Very comfy!
    You also look so pretty baby girl!

  3. Love your jacket and sweater! Great look!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  4. Love the new haircut! Definitely understand the shift in identity when it comes to the haircut. Over the summer, I spontaneously cut off the sides and the undercut of my hair (which definitely freaked out my mom lol). It's been a great experience so far playing around with different funky hairstyles that I never thought of (and which take less time #plus). But it also gave me a new sense of beauty and confidence that I've never experienced before. Hope your haircut (and future styles) continue to give you positive experiences #werk lol. Much love :D

  5. Super cute look! It's so simple and looks so comfortable, but still put together. The jacket is my fav.

    Best Wishes,
    Allison |

  6. You look fabulous, as always!

  7. You look so beautiful with short hair! I also love how simple your outfit it and the BAM the socks! Its looks really cool and effortless!

    Noire Beau


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