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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

My December Playlist

We were so excited by the success of last month's playlist and worked very hard for this month's playlist. This month's playlist features some old winter favourites like Johnny Cash covers by Brandon Flowers and the Local Natives from the film "Out Among the Stars," a must watch for all music fans.  It also includes some new finds like Dua Lipa and Hana. Hana is opening for the North American tour for Purity Ring (who is also on this playlist) and but sadly, not Vancouver tour date has been announced as of yet!

Also on this playlist is Oceans by Val Yuri from her EP Katharsis. Her career trajectory has been impressive from re-branding herself from Ukrainian child star to well-seasoned and experimental sound designer. Her music page on soundcloud features a range of songs from jazz, jazz pop, electronic, power ballads, rock alternative, so do check it out to see if any of it suits your musical taste. Katharsis was created with a film script in mind which is what makes the journey through the tracks so edgy and emotional.

Katharsis is very interesting in that it is rock alternative meets electronic. A mixture of genres and blurring of sounds that is found on Val Yuri's track Oceans is also found in a few other artists on this playlist. for example,  Lunice & The Jealous Guys " Bus Stop Jazz" is how I like my jazz served, with a side of hip-hop and lastly, Rhye which is often classified as R&B to my shock.

December music is usually reflective, patient, slow-moving, cinematic, and emotional for me. This year not even the wet-snow has started but the cold is still rough and the sun setting before 5pm tough. I hope this playlist helps you brave the winter, like it has for me!

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Are you a musician? Contact us to be heard and for a partnering opportunity for next month's playlist!

disclosure: part of this blog post was sponsored, however, all opinions expressed are my own 

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  1. I love the idea of creating a playlist for the blog and readers - such a unique idea. When I have more time I cannot wait to sit down and listen, hopefully by the fire with some coco :)



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