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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Sudio Earbuds: Perfect for Music Lovers

Earphones C/O Sudio 

If you read this blog regularly enough you will know that we frequently post playlists (November playlist/ December playlist). Or If you know me, you will know that I am one of those people that obsessively has music on all the time. And I mean in the washroom while I shower, on the bus, while I cook, when I sit down to study, write or work, when I solo dance, while I host a party, or even when I lay on the ground in foetal position staring up to my ceiling in self-reflection. I have thread music and its cinematic and relatable quality seamlessly into my life. 

While most times you cant just blast music out loud, it obviously cannot be done while you're on the bus or walking around town. I also have lived in a large family my whole life which means different tastes of music and different music playing times, for example, while I like listening to music when I study my sister Tript, who I run this blog with, doesn't. 

So what do these moments need? A good set of headphones, ones that can function for all occasions and situations, ones that allows you to feel that the music is hugging you (is it just me who gets that feeling when I have my earphones on?) because every layer of music surrounds you. I have been looking for a good pair of in-ear headphones for quite sometime and was excited when the good people at Sudio contacted us. 

They sent over their Sudio Vasa in-ear earbuds in white with rose gold detailing. The Sudio Vasa was named after King Gustaf Vasa who lead the War of Liberation against King Christian II of Denmark in the 16th Century...and if you know me you know I love anything with a bit of history behind it! They have a new driver which makes hearing every instrument beautifully better than my old pair! It came with 4 pairs of extra sleeves, a leather carry case, and a metal clip. What is really cool is that the brand was named Sudio after a Phil Collins song "Sussudio" after one of the founders ran into Phil Collins on the street in New York when he was having problems with his earphones. 

I decided that I would test the new Sudio earbuds in the 3 situations I use headphones for most:

1. When I am studying or writing

2. When I am on the bus or public transportation

3. When I go for a run

The Sudio earbuds work amazingly in all three situations. It effectively drowns out the noise of the bus and the chatter of the bus-goers. They also helped me remain focused while writing where, like a movie, I felt like the spotlight was just on me and everything else faded away. They also stayed in my ears while running and the remote feature was especially helpful during the run or when I was on the bus because I didn't have to take my phone out to change the volume! Not to mention that they are beautifully designed. What works for me is that Sudio is a lifestyle brand which makes these classy and elegant looking earphones with studio quality for a third of the price.

Sudio has partnered up with us to provide the readers of footnotes and finds a 15% promo code! Use the code footnotesand when you make a purchase! 

Disclosure: We received a free pair earphones from Sudio in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation for this post and all opinions are my own.  


  1. I love the rose gold detail on these earbuds! I'm glad they to hear they work in every situation I would use them in as well. I'll definitely be checking them out. :D

    Sweet Helen Grace

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  4. Wow these are super cute. I love how you composed the post and the photos are so creative and chic. Great job girls!

  5. I have been looking for a good pair of earbuds that actually stay in my ears! And these are so pretty too.

  6. Like the second photo :)
    Maria V.


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