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Thursday, 7 January 2016

My January Playlist

January rolls around and everyone is fast to be positive and look forward to a new year, including a new year in music. While this positivity is a breath of fresh air in the most depressing and gloomy time of the year (winter), I wanted to focus this playlist on a few things. First, some of my favourite new discoveries of last year (Nick Mulvey, Troye Sivan, and San fermin). Second, a few new finds I am excited to listen to and get to know this year (River Tiber, Gaz Coombes and Benjamin Clementine). Lastly, music which describes the essence of January.

January is a tough month. Its long--as in a full 31 days-- its cold, its dark, it can set rain records and its right after the holiday the spirits, although very high at the beginning, are low and depressive. But it can also be a beautiful month. Snowy with sunshine and breath-taking sunsets. If I had it my way, January would be described in a playlist with only instrumental music. Its a slow month where we need to slow down and stop in order to see the beauty in it thats often lost in trying to get back into the grind of things. It needs a cinematic romantic-era overture to put it in perspective. The barren trees and dramatic skies, the cold mornings but warm blankets, the cozy fireplaces and hot chocolate, the morning frost and midday melt.

I hope you enjoy this playlist!

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  1. Great playlist, about to have a listen now :)

    Elesaurus |

  2. Thanks for this playlist! I always love discovering new music and there's a lot to pick from here. I hope you two are having an awesome new year!

    Sweet Helen Grace

  3. Nice playlist. :)

    Spices + Everything Nice |


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