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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Myth or Reality?

Myth or Reality: Long beachy hair are not for women in their late 20s?

This was a conversation I had with my hair-stylist a month ago that I still find myself thinking about. This was when I went and got 7 inches cut off from my hair, as some of you may remember from this blog post. Long wavy hair has always been a part of my identity and was the reason I was so apprehensive about cutting it off to begin with. To this, my hair stylist added that long wavy beachy hair suited younger women as well and the short hair was an older and more sophisticated look. I know that he was just saying it as his opinion and it wasnt directed towards me since I know he doesnt know just how old I am (..or my maybe I am giving the benefit of the doubt here?).

While I dont agree, I have heard this idea from a lot of people. Maybe not in the same words, but I was once told that I best enjoy having the long hair I have now because once Im older it wont be the same. Although having short hair at an older age has a lot to do with biology and health, I think its strange that in the West it can be considered as an age defining trait.

Its not so much that shorter hair makes you look older as much as it is that longer hair is tied to an idea of youthful beauty. The way I see it is, do whatever you want. If we're so concerned about age then the important thing is that we do what we want to for the little time we have on this rock!

Jacket: Urban Planet, similar here 
Top: Forever 21, similar here 
Trousers: H&M, similar here
Shoes: Primark
Purse: Vintage
Sunglasses: Tom Ford


  1. LOVE LOVE all the fun details in this outfit....from the prints to the textures, it's ahhmazing!!

  2. I LOVE the prints and textures in this outfit! I have been on the hunt for a faux fur jacket and yours is so cute!

    xx shirley

  3. you look great.. love everything about the look.
    disagree with the hair thing.. I chopped mine off this summer.. cannot wait for it to grow back!

  4. Love your style! The faux fur jacket and floral pants are so fun!
    As for the hair, I never heard of that theory before but i just say you rock whatever do you want! I'm sure you'll look chic in whatever style you have.


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  7. Very nice style, glam and chic

  8. Cute bag and cardigan :)
    Maria V.


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