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Sunday, 28 February 2016

letting that style evolve

I was very much a tights/leggings and dress kind of person, but in the last few years my wardrobe has begun to include trousers. I even wrote about this late last year, click here to read about my slow warming up to printed trousers. Its not that I don't love dresses anymore, I still do! And neither am I a very feminine person, I just found them more comfortable to wear as opposed to jeans.

But now with the new trend of semi-tailored/tailored trousers I find myself finding a new way to retain my comfort but not compromise my style. It honestly has gotten to the point where I ran out to purchase these trousers that I am wearing in blue when I already had the exact same pair in black. I love how versatile trousers can be. They can be dressed down, paired with crop sweatshirts and sneakers or dressed up, paired with a crisp collared shirt and loafers.

Style evolution is good thing and we all go through it. But its when you stop to reflect and then notice the points at which things changed is when it gets interesting. I feel nowadays I envision an outfit according to what pair of trousers I want to wear. I plan everything around them. And honestly, with the weather in Vancouver they're better suited for the rain and for all occasions like dinner, office or running errands.

Whats the way in which your style has evolved the most? 

Cardigan H&M, similar here
Top: Topshop, similar here
Trousers: H&M, similar here
Socks: Topshop, similar here
Shoes: Urban Outfitters, similar here 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

all in the details

Over the years I have come to really simplify my wardrobe as I expressed in this post. This simplifying of my wardrobe is a reflection of the overall simplification that I have been striving for in all aspects of my life. Through this process I have learned that sometimes it is your accessories or your pair of shoes that make your outfit and help you change it up once in a while.  So sometimes it is all in the details. I have curated some of detail images from our outfit posts here on the blog.

Hair Accessories + Jewelry:


or scarf!:


Monday, 15 February 2016

outfit roundup

Shedding those Autumn/Fall/Winter layers

Favourite pair of shoes

Those topshop brown suede boots

The black and white dilemma

We hope everyone's February is going well! We are knee deep into the planning stage of our new and exciting project that we hope to share the details of soon with you all! The rain has been relentless, here in Vancouver and its been greyer and gloomier, BUT there were few days of sunshine in between in which I felt like I could get the world of things done and that made me hopeful for spring when the days actually get longer and the sun comes out to play for longer than a few hours. Take your Vitamin D people! These months are tough for all of us!!


Friday, 12 February 2016


Friday Finds is a series that Footnotes and Finds runs every friday where we share interesting, informative and fun finds/links from around the web.  Follow along!

1. Minimalism is really happening for me right now, whether its my accessories, , my kitchen, my workplace, or my clothes !

2. In these last few days Waris Ahluwalia (actor, model and designer) has been in the spotlight for what started off as a horrible and racist incident but was turned into an opportunity to educate. Find out more about what happened to Waris when he attempted to board his AeroMexico flight here.

3. So interesting to see what different pregnant women around the world take with them when they go to the hospital for delivery!

4. He was on our February playlist, but I want to put him in here again because he is nearly the best music discovery I have made since Leon Bridges in 2014. Michael Kiwanuka is a British Soul musician that you DO NOT want to miss out on!

5. Check out this timeline of when the world would end according to different religions/peoples etc!

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Thursday, 11 February 2016

My February playlist

For the February playlist I didn't want to focus on "love" just because the month holds the date of Valentines, even though there are songs on this playlist that are love-themed. February is more than that and no this is not a single woman's rant manifesto. February, to me, is a period of losing and letting go or finding and gaining. Its the month you realize that those NYE resolutions are not panning out or that the new year has definitely settled in and its time to start looking forward and planning that summer vacation. So, February is a wild card, a mixed bag. Depending on who you are it can be anything. Lets not forget, that its also the month where spring begins to creep in, unless you're currently being hit by that crazy storm in the East...then I apologize.

This month's playlist features just that. A mix of old and new, of new that feels old and of old trying to be new. It features the Stars, a long time old favourite of mine, covering Bob Dylan's "It Aint me Babe," a personal Dylan favourite of mine and on the other end it also features another long-time favourite, the Sam Roberts Band, trying on a new-less-rock-and-roll sound. It also features a new favourite of mine Michael Kiwanuka...I seriously don't know where he has been my whole life. Between Leon Bridges and Michael Kiwanuka I can build a home out of soul, melodies and good times that I would never want to leave. Keeping in this realm I found a good edit of "Is you or is you aint my baby" by Louis Jordan (popularized by Tom and Jerry) on soundcloud that I thought was worth sharing, even though nothing compares to the original!

So I hope you enjoy this month's playlist!


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

heart shaped shortbread cookies

I have a confession, alright i have couple of confessions. I prefer shortbread cookies over sugar cookies, and i'm not really into valentines day (to me it's just another day for corporations to take advantage of consumer's emotions and capitalize! - but that's a rant for another time!).  Back to the cookies. I have always liked the softness of shortbread cookies. So come christmas time or even valentines I prefer to use this shortbread recipe over sugar cookies. But to be honest - okay another confession - I enjoy the decorating the cookies part more than consuming them! These heart shaped shortbread cookies are perfect if you are into valentines or even for any other day or a birthday!

Whipped Shortbread Cookies Recipe:


1 cup soft butter
1/2 cup icing sugar
1/2 cornstarch
1 1/2 cup flour


1. whip butter until light
2. add icing sugar and mix
3. mix cornstarch and flour together
4. add cornstarch and flour mixture slowly to butter and icing sugar and mix
5. refrigerate dough for 30 mins - hour. If dough is too hard, let it stand until soft enough to roll out
6. roll out and use cookie cutters for making cookies. Place cookies on cookie sheet and add sprinkles if you like!
7. bake at 375 degrees F for 10 mins. Cook until very lightly browned.
8. Ice the cookies
9. Enjoy!

For the Icing on the cookies we used this recipe, it's the same one we used for the Chocolate Cake Recipe here on the blog.

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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Montenegro + Croatia: Travel Diary Part 3

Day 5: A casual day in Herceg Novi

Tia and I woke up really early to join Kasey and Nila at their last breakfast as they were returning back to England. We took in the view at the Gradska Kafana one last time at 7am as a group of four and reflected back on how perfect our time together had been. We travelled seamlessly together, no hiccups, no fights or passive aggressive behaviour. It was almost as if the four of us were made to travel with each other. In the end, memories like waiting for the return bus from Kotor To Herceg Novi at the bus station for 2.5 hours where we entertained a few staff members with Kasey's ability to win us each a matching stuffed animal from one of those claw machines, only made us stronger!

Enough of the sentimental stuff! Tia and I came back to her house and went back to sleep. We then walked to Manastir Savina. It is a Monastery complex that is comprised of three churches. It was so peaceful and serene. I was instantly taken by this large tree that reached up to the sky with a story to tell. The Monastery itself was surrounded by a green haven that made it feel as if it were in its own world far from the bustling town. 

We then returned home as it began raining. The weather was always confusing. Some days it was so hot that I got a tan and other days it was so cold and rainy! We decided that since we were wrung out from 5 days of crazy and intense travel and that since emotionally we already missed Kasey and Nila, we should take the rest of the day off, snuggle in bed and watch movies. Tia's aunt was so kind and made us a delicious pasta that I was sure to get the recipe of!

Day 6: Another casual day in Herceg Novi

After Kasey and Nila left, I got to know Tia's family a lot better...I also learned a lot of Serbian (or so it felt like--although her family made me feel like my Serbian learning capacity was spectacular!). I spent a lot of time learning a lot about Tia and her family history, about Serbia and its culture and history and about the geography and people. What made it for me was that I not only had Tia, but her family that was so kind it makes my heart melt even today.

So on this day, Tia's cousin wanted to take us out for breakfast along the seaside, it was a good change up from our staple Gradska Kafana. We walked the seawall and up to the Homeland Museum. This museum is in a baroque style house that once belonged to a previous mayor, Marko Komnenovic. It was converted at the request of the family into a museum that holds prehistoric archaeological remains to folk and cultural artefacts. Our visit to the museum was especially informative as the woman who is in charge of the museum explained everything to us with great care, passion and detail. I love meeting such passionate people, puts life into perspective!

We then went back down to the seawall and had a tea break at the Jazz cafe, where I finally found tea that I loved! We sat outside and took in the view of another rainy day forming on top of the sea. We walked some more along the seawall and as if it was out of the movies we took in two men playing moon river on the mandolin as the waves crashed against the seawall. We walked to Igalo the town next to Herceg Novi and then made the long walk back and up the ~200 stairs up to Tia's home. We took the evening off and went for dinner at Da Vinci for some yummy Italian!

Day 7 & 8: Rain and pyjamas

For two days we remained indoors as it rained and rained and rained. Tia's cousin from Serbia arrived and he joined us for the rest of the trip. We basically ate, didn't change from our pyjamas,  and watched things. We left for dinner for one of the days where we went to Picnic, a lovely restaurant that had delicious pizza. The other day we made soup and Tia's aunt made us tasty pasta again.

Day 9: Herceg Novi from above

After a few days off and a few days before that of taking it casual, we were ready to actually get going and see things. We decided to hike up to the Španjola fortress for a view. Tia and her cousin hadn't done this since they were kids so they sold it as a light hike that wasn't very difficult. Well...that was not the case, halfway up we realized how unfit we were, but we made it and it is definitely worth going!

At night we went to a traditional taverna where Tia and her cousin finally got their grilled food that they had been on about since his arrival. Because I was vegetarian I had to eat elsewhere as there weren't any options for me! I mention this because I wanted readers to see and know what the traditional food of this area can be like, even though it was not vegetarian friendly, it looks delicious.

We came back home and decided to get into contact with Tia's family in Split to see if that was a possibility. After much convincing from me and her cousin Tia finally agreed as she felt that it was very far to go to for just a day or two. After getting in contact with her cousin there who was more than elated to have us, we decided we would leave the next morning for 2 days, which actually turned into 5 days.

Split will be the subject of next week's travel diary!
Catch up with the Travel itinerary, Travel Diary part 1 and part 2.


Monday, 8 February 2016

Shedding those Autumn/Fall/Winter Layers

I love my layers and I love my autumn/winter fashion. But when February starts to roll around and we begin to see the hints of spring, I begin wanting that vacation. You know, the one where you just lay around and not worry about deadlines or numbers. The one where you ask your brain and body to stretch in new ways than the ordinary by making time for museums, art galleries, sight-seeing, hikes, beaches, reading, movie marathons, or that one activity you've been wanting to try for a while (for me thats rock-climbing). I am itching for that. So even though I am wearing layers in this outfit post, I am ready for the spring transition and everything that comes along with it, including the gardening (I cant wait to garden!).

Lucky for me, my family has had a tradition of going on a trip together every year. This year we have narrowed it down to two places: Hawaii versus Turks and Caicos. What it really comes down to is: relaxation and fun activities versus pure relaxation, since both places are endowed with some of the best island views, beaches and sand in the world!

Which one would you guys recommend or would you like to go to?

And of course, since we love travelling on this blog, whatever one that we do decide to go to we will be sure to create a cohesive travel series on it!

Top: Zara, similar here
Cardigan: Spank, similar here
Trousers: H&M, similar here
Shoes: Urban Outfitters, similar here
Purse: Night Market find, similar here


Friday, 5 February 2016

Friday Finds

1. This video of a baby alpaca yawning is the cutes thing EVER...I dont even like Alpacas!

2.  I completed my Master's in Classical Archaeology from Oxford after many hours of gruelling hard work...but NOT without my fair share of procrastination. In order to get the weekly research essays done, I needed to put them off for a bit, watch a little tv, cook a gourmet procrastinator's meal, read the news, sketch, meet up with friends, or just stare into space. In the end after doing all of that, my brain had cleared out and my prime writing time of 5pm to 6am would be carried out seamlessly without any other interruptions or irrational thought of just one more episode. This article by Adam Grant covers why procrastination may actually be better for creativity and his struggle to then allow himself to procrastinate.

3. If you are into your art and photography, checkout Gregory Crewdson's page on Artsy. Crewdson's work is described as a staged cinematic and haunting portrayal of small town America.

4. The age of health-conscious living has meant that more and more people have begun asking questions like what goes into the products that we use on a daily basis on our bodies and what are the health consequences in using them? This brief video goes over what sorts of horrible chemicals go into our cosmetics.

5. Apparently, the hipster is dead and we are entering into the age of the Yuccie. You have no clue what a Yuccie is? Dont worry! Neither did we until we did this quiz, find out for yourself!

6. How cute is this?

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Thursday, 4 February 2016

5 reasons to always carry lotion with you

Okay--OKAY--I know this is a bit of a different advice post than our previous ones! But it is still an important one. Trust me friends, you want to stay tuned because these 5 reasons to always carry lotion with you are LEGIT! There are many reasons to carry a small sized lotion with you, and you might also have your own reasons. But my habit of always having lotion with me started way back in high school. I always try to keep a little bottle of lotion with me in my backpack, purse, or bag since then. 

But here are my 5 reasons to always carry lotion with you:

1. Using the Public Washroom always leaves your hands really dry

Okay this is definitely my number one reason. I have been in countless situations when I have gone to use the public washroom and the soap has left my hands feeling super dry. I absolutely CANNOT stand the feeling of super dry hands. It really irritates me. And for that reason - and that reason only - I always carry a small hand-sized lotion with me.  

2. Traveling always leaves your hands dry

Another dire situation in which I find it crucial to carry hand lotion with me is whilst traveling! Firstly while traveling on a plane - a lot of dehydration happens. Your skin is left feeling really dry and needs constant hydration, especially for those long flights.  A little bottle of lotion is a life saver during those flights. And, secondly, once off the plane, when you're wandering around foreign cities and discovering sites and sounds - it is important to carry hand lotion (along with some hand sanitizer - of course!) in my little day bag.  

3. Sharing is caring 

Asking if someone has lotion happens a lot! (i'm hoping you agree here - and it doesn't only happen to me!) But how many times have you borrowed your friend's hand lotion or your sister's hand lotion? Sharing is caring my friends, so why not be that awesome friend that always carries hand lotion and your friends can count on you for that! 

4.  You can never have enough hydration!

Honestly, if you carry your lotion with you you are more likely to use it, which is always beneficial since there is never enough hydration.  Hydrating your skin is important, because your skin craves hydration. Sometimes we concentrate so much on hydrating our face and forget that hydrating your hands is just as important for all the reasons we hydrate our face for!

5. Always be prepared

I mean, yes, you need lotion when you are on a long flight, or when you have used the public washroom soap, but there are also those situations that make you really conscious of your hands. I'm talking about all those times when you have had to shake someone's hand and were conscious of your super dry hands.  Better to keep a bottle with you and keep your hands hydrated! Or put some lotion on them beforehand if you know you will be going into a situation where you will have to shake someone's hand. 

hand creams c/o rocky mountain soap co. 

A bonus tip: I highly recommend that when you are choosing a hand lotion to carry with you at all times, choose one that is toxin free. For me, currently, I am absolutely loving Rocky Mountain Soap co's hand creams. They are new products by Rocky Mountain Soap co.  The best thing about Rocky Mountain Soap co is that their products are handcrafted in the Canadian Rockies and are 100% Natural and Toxin Free.  I am currently using two different scents Vanilla Coconut (doesn't that sound like an absolute dream) and Vanilla Mint. If you know me, you will know I love Vanilla scented products and the Rocky Mountain Soap Co. provides such creative combinations of scents. 

The Vanilla Coconut hand cream has a soft and sweet scent that transports you to a tropical island somewhere.  With Ingredients of honey and lily, I found this hand cream to be super hydrating leaving my skin feeling really smooth.  

While the Vanilla Coconut leaves you feeling relaxed, the Vanilla Mint hand cream left me feeling refreshed with it's mixture of mint and vanilla scents.  This hand cream is also nutrient rich with vitamins A, D, and E, which are crucial to keeping your hands moisturized and protected.  

Disclosure: We received a these products from Rocky Mountain Soap co as their Brand Ambassador.  We did not receive any compensation for this post and all opinions are our own.  

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Handmade Finds

This is the third instalment of our Handmade Finds Series on the blog and it's becoming a staple! If you missed the previous ones check them out here.  We are constantly amazed by all the artisans out there and the wonderful products they are creating. This month's handmade finds is a great example of that - we have everything from natural body products to jewelry! 

Shop Description:
Inspired by my childhood years spent on my grandparents' Southern California palm tree and succulent nursery, I'm bringing my love of botanicals to custom-made skin concoctions with Full Bloom Beauty. Full Bloom Beauty features handmade whipped body butters, bath salts and scrubs made using only pure, all-natural botanicals inspired by the native landscape of California. I never use water, preservatives or fillers. I tap into local ingredients like avocados, citrus, lavender and rich florals, in addition to nourishing cocoa and shea butter to develop highly concentrated beauty blends. All my goods are designed to enrich and brighten the skin to give women a Southern California glow!

Full Bloom WhippedCocoa Glow Body Butter is a highly concentrated blend of all-natural ingredients inspired by our love of pure, simple botanicals. No Water, No Preservatives, No Fillers.

Whipped Cocoa Glow Body Butter is ultra-hydrating, anti-aging, rich in antioxidants and reduces stretch marks. Ingredients include:

• Unrefined, 100% Pure Cocoa Butter

• Grade A Unrefined Raw Shea Butter 
• Organic Avocado Oil
• Blend of Essential Oils formulated for soft, glowing skin: Frankincense, Carrot Seed, Lavender, Rosemary, Fennel Sweet, Lemon, Neroli and Rosewood

Shop Description:

My name is Jill Ffrench and I love making felt birds that you can find for sale in my Etsy shop Fantails and Feet.  Having been drawn to the natural word from a young age, it is my memories of the stunning peacocks that strut around India's ancient palaces and temples and are now a source of inspiration for my complex bird patterns that I make today.    I choose to only ever to work with 100% wool felt for its fine fibres feel so soft between my fingertips and the decorative embroidery stitches that I use are simple but form elegant tail or wing patterns that can hold their own.  I am not interested in using any kind of glues or synthetic fibres that do not biodegrade.  

This gorgeous, soft ornament is my unique design, made using the finest colours in quality pure wool felt and alpaca wool. The brilliant blue coloured felt works perfectly with the warm orange embroidery stitching on the tail, making it a wonderful addition to your home.  From the regal crown to the tip of its tail, it measures 25cm (10 inches). The width of the tail is approximately 11cm (4inches) wide, the perfect size to perch elegantly atop a shelf or bookcase. To keep its splendid shape in tact I use a combination of various types of wire, and I also use a small stone deep inside the body to balance it beautifully.  

Simply Quite Peachy designs and creates beautiful clay trinket dishes that

can be used in various spaces around the home for decor and functional use
to hold your little trinkets or jewellery. What began as a hobby by
Illustration student Amanda through her love of crafting and illustration,
has since gone from strength to strength with items now being shipped
worldwide from the UK. Every item is handmade, and the range of products is
ever expanding, including beautiful bespoke handcrafted gift frames.

A cute handmade trinket dish that can be used in various rooms in the home, for decor and functions to hold your little trinkets or jewellery. It has been made with air dry clay, shaped and left to thoroughly dry for 2 days. 

The dish has been carefully imprinted with a blue, Paisley design, and liquid-metal gold polka dots.
It is approximately 10cm in diameter, has been sealed, and then glossed with a high quality varnish.

Shop Description:

Rose Water Designs- Valentine's Day Jewelry, Coordinates Pieces, Hand-Stamped Jewels, Personalized gifts perfect for Weddings & every darn day! Handmade sterling silver jewelry, gold filled jewelry, Bohemian inspired pieces, bridesmaid sets, bridal jewelry, gold layering pieces & more. All made right in West Michigan.

This shop features trendy, must-have handmade jewelry. All pieces are made with care with the highest quality of sterling silver, gold filled and 14K gold metals. All pieces are made to order for the unique & lovely YOU. Each item arrives gift boxed in Rose Water Designs packaging.

So new...so adorable...meaningful.
The handmade Forget Me Knot ring nothing but easy-to-wear style. This ring is completely hand-formed and wrapped from one continuous piece of gold filled wire. All sizes can be ordered below!
Give to a bridesmaid with a "help us tie the knot" message attached. Or to anyone special with a "forget me not" message attached. I'm always happy to help with this! Packaging is my favorite!
Ring is handmade using 18 gauge gold filled metal wire.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

We want to thank all the shops that participated in this blog post and partnered with us.  It was great getting to know and work with some very talented artisans! 
 If you have an Etsy shop or a Handmade items shop and would like to be featured in a blog post similar to this please email us for more information! footnotesandfinds@gmail.com 

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