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Monday, 15 February 2016

outfit roundup

Shedding those Autumn/Fall/Winter layers

Favourite pair of shoes

Those topshop brown suede boots

The black and white dilemma

We hope everyone's February is going well! We are knee deep into the planning stage of our new and exciting project that we hope to share the details of soon with you all! The rain has been relentless, here in Vancouver and its been greyer and gloomier, BUT there were few days of sunshine in between in which I felt like I could get the world of things done and that made me hopeful for spring when the days actually get longer and the sun comes out to play for longer than a few hours. Take your Vitamin D people! These months are tough for all of us!!



  1. I agree, i'm really tired of the cold weather. Hope to hear about your exciting project soon!

    the way to my Hart

  2. very classy way to layer. its almost time here too. spring has already knocked.

  3. Great blog! Congratulations ;) http://aparisianwardrobe.com/the-lifesaver-sweater/


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