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Thursday, 10 March 2016

9 questions with tript & prabh

It has been amazing being on this journey with my sister and best friend. This blog has given us many opportunities and experiences that have been so fun to share with each other! We thought we would do something fun and share some fun facts.

want to know more about us? Here are some facts about Tript and about Prabh


  1. My fav country is Italy, even though i've never been there before, but i hear that country is awesome^^

    - Lily Widjaja
    www.Glowlicious.Me | Bloglovin

  2. Italy was amazing! Can't wait to revisit. I'm curious about your "places you'd never go back for a vacation"...why those places?

    Such a fun read! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Janna | www.itsmejmarie.com

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  4. This is a really fun post!

    I loved both Italy and Turkey and this summer we are going to Greece, hopefully it'll be equally amazing!

    Deepti | www.mademoisellemeetsmaquillageandmacaroons.com


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