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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Dark Florals

Every season there is a trend I am in love with. This season its the dark florals. There is something about them that reminds me of my early 90's childhood. They are a little more edgier than feminine, a little more grunge than romantic. It can be all of those things and neither simultaneously and that opens the gate in terms of styling possibilities. I mean this is a trend from 2015 but its slowly starting to find its way into the mass consumer stores like H&M and Forever 21...case in point: I just bought myself a dark floral print skirt from Forever 21 this week. I look forward to transitioning that skirt from day to night and pairing it with crop tops and crop sweaters, with a leather jacket and a duster coat--again the styling opportunities range. 

Dark florals also capture a certain inarticulate and undefinable emotion for me. This emotion is evoked at the sight of a Renaissance still life dark floral painting by Flemish and Dutch artists, and even more so, at the sight of paintings by Caravaggio, who also happens to be one of my favourite painters, of fruit baskets or florals that appear tucked away in the corner or as the centre focus. Okay, I will not make this into an Art History lesson! I just wanted to convey that my love of dark florals extends beyond the fashion realm and the fact that they happen to be the popular print right now is not the only reason I gravitate towards them.

Cardigan: H&M, similar here
Top: H&M, similar here
Trousers: H&M, similar here
Shoes: Zara, similar here 
Necklace C/O: JQ Vancouver



  1. I'm also in love with dark florals! I love things that are edgy, but also have a feminine feel to them. Also, I'm loving that textured sweater as well as those awesome loafers on you! You look very badass in this outfit!

    Sweet Helen Grace

  2. Great look! Love your necklace!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

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  4. Love the dark florals! Just in time for spring, for a girl that doesn't want to be too girly ;)

    Sonya || www.nymannequin.com

  5. Your floral top is so cute

  6. This outfit is super cute!!!


  7. Loving the necklace!!


  8. love this look! http://www.the-beautiful-things.com/

  9. I just bought myself a dark floral print skirt too.

  10. I absolutely love the contrast of colourful florals on black. I picked up a dark floral play suit a few months back and it's become one of my go to pieces.


  11. Dark florals are my favourite kind of florals! Adore this look <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 


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