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Thursday, 31 March 2016

DIY at home pedicure

Going for manicures and pedicures wasn't my thing - in fact pampering myself wasn't my thing until recently when I realized the importance of self care.  Although it's fun to go for a manicure and pedicure here and there with my sisters, I prefer to relax at home for a pedicure.  With the right products a DIY at home pedicure is quite simple and a great way to enjoy a relaxing evening in the comfort of your own home.

As I have mentioned before, having become aware of all the chemicals that are in the products we use everyday, I have started to incorporate all natural and toxin free products into my routines more and more. This pedicure offered the chance to do just that!  I cannot express how in love I am with the range of Rocky Mountain Soap co. products, they have everything from shampoos, soaps, lotions, skincare and a little pedicure kit! Of course you can use other products than the ones I have used here for the pedicure, but I just wanted to share with you one product that you definitely should invest in from Rocky Mountain Soap Co. : their newly released Serious Scrub, which is perfect for polishing the rougher areas of your body to buttery smoothness. I mean, this is some SERIOUS stuff! It is made with pure volcanic pumice which is mined right here in British Columbia! How cool is that? 

all products C/O Rocky Mountain Soap co. 

Here are 5 Easy Steps to a DIY Pedicure


Remove all nail polish from your toes and clean your feet.  Fill a basin with warm water and add Foot Soak Salts.  Soak your feet for about 15 mins.  The Epsom Salts will relieve the aching feeling of being on your feet all day. What I love about the Foot Soak Salts is that the Fir Needle and Grapefruit Essential oils really help to refresh and deodorize your feet. 


Remove your feet from the water.  Then scrub your feet while they are still slightly wet (I use the Serious Scrub) - focusing on the rougher areas.  Once your feet start feeling like buttery smoothness dip your feet back into the basin and rinse off the scrub.


Clip and file your toenails. Push back your cuticles and then moisturize them with some cuticle oil - I use the Nail and Cuticle butter pictured below.  It's packaging makes it easy for application and keeps your cuticles from drying out.


Lather your feet with some Foot Butter and give yourself a nice foot massage.  Massaging the butter into your heels and the rest of your feet.  The foot butter is pictured below - it contains patchouli and carrot tissue oil - leaving your feet feeling really smooth and it's packaging makes it super easy to apply.  It's always a great idea to slip your feet into socks overnight to really moisturize your feet. 


This is a bonus step - for a quick refresh for your feet throughout the week - spritz your feet with the Cool Feet Spray and your feet will feel moisturized and will smell great! 

Disclosure: We received these products c/o Rocky Mountain Soap co as their Brand Ambassador.  We did not receive any compensation for this post and all opinions are our own.  


  1. I definitely need to indulge in more self care too! Thanks for sharing this great routine.

  2. this looks like a heavenly treatment! thanks for sharing!

  3. Sounds great! Thanks for sharing this routine!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  4. Looks great! Thanks for sharing!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  5. Love this!! I need a pedicure but I never like paying the high prices.

  6. This is actually great. I've been so lazy about getting a pedicure & I'm not as thorough myself. A soak is the best idea. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  7. Love it, need to stock up on these lovely products and give myself a pedicure.


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