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Friday, 18 March 2016

Friday Finds

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1. This brilliant article criticizes the concept of "Indian Curry" that was created by and is still used by the British. It was something I struggled with when I lived in the UK since as a person with a South Asian background that consumed Punjabi food daily and other regional Indian dishes often, I found Indian food in the UK strange and un-authentic (honestly...I couldn't recognize half the stuff on the menu to the point where my British friend had to explain dishes to the bewildered me). 

This article actually helped me articulate what my struggle was, it was that the dishes in the UK were created for the British and their tastes and it goes beyond that actually. That is that the concept of "curry" and the un-authentic menus were created under colonialism and today, it continues to perpetuate colonialism through the generalizing, pick-and-choose and dont-actually-educate mentality when it comes to the cuisine of a nation whose regional diversity in food is unlike any other place I have come across. why did most of the "Indian" restaurants I went to have chips (fries) on the menu?

2. This campaign for #MoreWomen shows how empty the world's top tables would be if we were to remove the men out of the pictures...quite striking and something to think about for those that think our work in creating equality and gaining equal opportunity has been completed. 

3. This interesting video shows what the world would be like if there were only 100 people. 

4. Another big campaign this month was the unfair and lovely campaign. This campaign targeted the light-skin bias in media and fair and lovely products and ad campaigns. It was also tied into the #reclaimthebindi campaign. 

5. loving this look for Spring

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  1. That article about curry sounds so interesting! I am also LOVING the 2 piece spring set you have linked!!

  2. Interesting article! Love it! xoxo

  3. I can relate with your frustration when it comes to food that are not prepared in their authentic way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!



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