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Friday, 25 March 2016

Friday Finds

Friday Finds is a series that Footnotes and Finds runs every friday where we share interesting, informative and fun finds/links from around the web. Follow along!

1. If you love poetry--and I mean modern poetry-- you should checkout this list of 9 young poets who are, in a sense, reviving the genre!

2. Staying on the arts, this brilliant article by Katherine Brooks summarizes and articulates what I have wanted to say but have failed to when someone has said to me "I could do that" when it came to a work of art.

3. Whether you watch Bollywood films or not, this film, Kapoor & Sons, is a must see. Go and watch it at your local theatre while its still playing (plays with English Subtitles). Its about family, love, friendship, sexuality, relationships, trust and

many other complicated issues told complexly through what appears to be a simple story line.

4. In love with this side table!

5.  Lastly, since travel is one of our passions and I have always wanted to do a massive roadtrip across the states, it would be amazing to visit some of these: The Most Beautiful Historic Neighbourhoods in America

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