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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

My april playlist

April is upon us, its finally sunny and at least in Vancouver its reached about 22 decrees Celsius a few days in a row (hello early summer!).  This month's playlist is heavy with songs leaning on the "indie" synth vibe from Milk & Bones to Odesza but its also an eclectic bunch from El Perro Del Mar to Feki to Andra Day. It also features two musicians from Vancouver, HUMANS and We are the city, which I am always excited to share. There is so much music nowadays but it so hard to differentiate and single out the music you like and then even when you do you may like an album for a month and then by the next month you've forgotten about it (at least this happens to me...). With over-saturation of music making playlists really helps me remember what songs and musicians I really like and love sharing them with you, enjoy :)


Sunday, 24 April 2016

My struggle with being comfortable with my body

I was always uncomfortable with showing off my body. Even now I struggle with it, but I am beginning to become more comfortable, stereotypically, as I enter my late 20s. Things like having hair on my legs and wearing ankle pants no longer bother me as it used to when I was a teenager.

Being body conscious included finding clothing styles that hid certain parts of my body, meaning that I would wear over-sized and loose-fitting clothes that did nothing for my body-shape except make me look larger and broader (I have really broad shoulders, am curvy and 5'8"). Its not that I hated my body shape or that I hated the parts of the body I would try to hide, it was that I was not comfortable with showing my body and its curves. In comparison to my other 3 sisters, I am also the most conservative with my clothing choices in terms of showing off skin or body-shape.

This included not wearing shorts, or showing my legs even when I wore dresses, not wearing tank-tops or low-cut necks or fitted tops and I definitely never showed my butt or my inner-thighs. Spring was difficult but Summer was worse. To make things even worse I also get really bad in-grown hairs on my legs which cause scarring, so when I got comfortable with the idea of showing off my bare legs I was (and sometimes still am) conscious about the scars on my legs.

I guess the big missing piece is how did I become so body conscious? The first, is understanding that even though I am born and raised in Canada to very liberal and forward-thinking parents I remain to participate and be shaped by the South Asian diaspora, meaning that I am a supposed "Third Culture Kid" (the first culture being the one from my parent's country of origin, in this case India, the second culture being the one I am born in, in this case Canada, and the third culture being an amalgamation of the two). Like I stated before and I reiterate again, my parents are very liberal, but the term "liberal" is subjective. It took them a while to get used to a lot of concepts and to let go of a lot of cultural things that did not make sense for us to uphold. While my parents have never told me what I could and could not wear, we still operated in a micro-community of South Asians that held certain beliefs regarding  the female body and "appropriate" clothing and body language. So although this messaging did not occur in my own household, it happened at the temple, in the films, at family gatherings and other modes. This made me very conscious about my body. This was all on top of the unrealistic body expectations placed on girls and women by western media.

The second is understanding how my teenage years shaped my body confidence. When I was in grade 8 I was 5'6" and weighed 100 pounds. I was very skinny but I had always been so. That summer after a trip in India I contracted parasites, which meant that my body got used to eating large amounts without having any of it stick. Once I sorted it out my body wanted to continue eating at the same amounts, however, my metabolism wasn't fast enough. This meant that I gained around 10 pounds every year of high school ending up at 5'8" and 145 pounds. This is by no means an un-healthy weight but it was not something I was comfortable with. This is where I developed the ways in which to hide my body shape and parts of my I was uncomfortable with.

Fast forward about 10 years and I can say that I am finally getting to be comfortable with my body. I can now change in front of my sisters (something I never did even when they did), I have even started wearing more fitted clothes including crop tops and shorts. It was a matter of finding my own comfort level. I always feel good in knowing that I dress up for myself and this included makeup and everything else and if I am still not comfortable with it I am not going to be wearing it no matter how many people and who tells me that I look good in it. Getting comfortable in your own skin is a struggle for some, but once you get there for yourself and for the right reasons it doesn't matter what your body looks like because its about what you feel.

Jean top: Forever 21, similar here
Crop top: Forever 21, similar here
Trousers: H&M, similar here
Shoes: Urban Outfitters, similar here


Friday, 22 April 2016

Friday Finds

1. Look at how different work places are around the world...and I don't mean the 9-5 office jobs!

2.  These are some of my favourite beauty products currently: this mascara , this concealer , and this highlighter

3. Has a man ever told you "you are being too emotional"? This great video by Celia Edell discusses 3 everyday ways in which men tone police women.

4. Watch this amazing video of the northern lights from space uploaded by NASA!

5. This song by Anna of the North is currently my favourite song right on (ON REPEAT!)

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Monday, 18 April 2016

For the love of Florals

It's strange isn't it - years go by and your style evolves. My style has evolved quite a lot - but looking back on the outfit photos on this blog, since 2011, I saw a pattern - I gravitate towards florals quite a lot! So here is a roundup of some of my Floral looks:







Friday, 15 April 2016

Friday Finds

1. Its that time of year again. The sun is in the sky for longer and its actually sunny and warm! I don't know about you guys but when spring starts rolling around I start itching for outdoor activities..even though the chance for rainfall in Vancouver is still very high and it can get ridiculously cold at night. This list of the World's Best hikes by National Geographic is definitely inspiring! 

2. How cool! Spock is getting his own Canada Post stamp and the residents of Vulcan Alberta (also known as the Star Trek capital of Canada as dubbed by actor Leonard Nemoy himself on a visit) got a sneak peek! Check it out here!

3. In love with this, this and this crop top! 

4. While you wait for our April Playlist, why not check out CBC Music's top 30 songs of the week? 

5. If you suffer from anxiety, this 8 second breathing exercise may help you calm down. 

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Monday, 11 April 2016

What not to pack

I'm sure we all have been guilty of overpacking at one point or another or all the time! We get stuck with the "what if" thoughts and sometimes try to pack our entire closet into our suitcase just in case we might run into one situation or another.  After having travelled A LOT, I have learned my lesson when it comes to this. I have been consciously working on this and so on the last trip I went on, which was to Greece, I was quite satisfied with my packing: a carry-on for 2 and half weeks! And I utilized almost everything I had packed. Travelling usually requires lots of sight seeing and walking so you want to make sure all the shoes you pack are comfortable. You also don't want to be struggling with your luggage whilst in transit, whether it be trains, planes or even ferries, because the less you have the easier it is!

So here are 7 things NOT to pack:

1. Too many clothes

I get it - I have been there, more times than I would like - but for the last few trips I have started to master this one! It's all the "what ifs" we come up with that result in us overpacking. I can truly attest to this one, you really end up wearing half those clothes anyways! The best thing to do here is to lay out your clothes - choosing versatile pieces that can make up many outfits by mixing and matching.  So instead of packing 2 cardigans, pack one! (this also depends on the length of your trip)

2. Travel towel

This is really an unnecessary thing to pack, especially if you are going to be staying in a hotel. Almost all hotels provide towels for their guests. Towels are bulky and take so much room in a suitcase. So check before hand if you really need to pack that towel.

3. Your whole beauty regime

I know we are tempted to take our entire beauty regime with us on our trip, but honestly you only need to pack what you absolutely need! Keep this as basic as possible. You don't need every shade of lipstick and every blush you own.  Really think about the ones you most often gravitate towards and bring those.  If you have special skincare needs then I understand you need to pack your entire face wash routine otherwise you can purchase travel size for face cleansers and other products or purchase them at your destination.  Packing too many beauty products can really weigh a lot and take up room.

4. Jewelry

First off, I highly recommend not carrying real pieces of jewelry on your trip. As for fake or inexpensive jewelry, take as little as possible and do not take any of your favourite jewelry. You don't want to lose your favourite ring or earrings whilst on the trip, believe me it happened to our sister.

5.  Physical books

So I'm guilty of this - I love books. I have a huge bookshelf in my room full of books. But on short trips I bring along my kindle or limit myself to 1 physical book (usually a novel or lonely planet). Here is the thing about physical books such as travel guides, much of it is available online with wonderful travel apps and many of these apps allow you to download travel guides or use the app offline.

6.  More than one pair of denim - or any denim at all

Yes you have your favourite pair of jeans that you always wear and would love to take with you on the trip. If it is a must then go ahead and pack it, but limit it to that one pair. Denim is heavy! In fact it might just be the most heaviest piece in your luggage.

7. Uncomfortable shoes

This depends on what type of trip you are taking, but on most trips you really don't need those nice pair of heels or fancy dress shoes for men. The key to travel is comfort.  So instead of filling up your luggage with things you might wear once on the trip, save that room for some souvenirs to bring back home.  

Reading Habits

Necklace: c/o JQ Vancouver 

Necklace: c/o JQ Vancouver 

I love reading but not when I am in school. This is because a part of taking Arts courses in Classics or Art History or Archaeology is doing extensive primary, secondary and literary reading. Of course, I had friends that still read but I was never able to do the readings for school and then another book for my own pleasure on top of that. Instead I always chose to turn off my brain and watch shit television like Indian soaps or Turkish soaps or light shows like Jane the Virgin or Mr. D with the occasional Game of Thrones or Vikings.

But now that I am not in school I feel I can read again. I have a long list of fiction novels I want to get through and have steadily been making it through my list as an only night-time reader. I read for an hour at night before sleeping and I love it. Its a good way of winding down, of disconnecting from technology and making myself feel relaxed and sleepy. Reading different authors and styles also improves my writing and helps refine my voice as a writer. It also expands my understanding of the directions ideas can be pushed and developed and the various possibilities of narratives. 

So far, I have made my way through the Shahnameh, Love in the Time of Cholera, The Handmaid's Tale, The English Patient and I am currently making my way through The Old Man and the Sea. The list is very long and it keeps getting longer. I feel like every time I cross off a novel I have finished I add 3 more! But I am mostly focusing on books I have always wanted to read, books I want to re-read and Classics. I have also just recently made a good reads account and that has also increased the number of books on my list! So basically, I have a lot of reading to do. I am a fairly fast reader, research has taught me how to do that. But having said that, I don't want to rush the reading experience just because I have a list. I still enjoy the books and read at the different paces required for each book (The Handmaid's Tale was a faster read than Love in the Time of Cholera for me, because of writing style).

What are you guys currently reading? What would you want to read next?

Coat: Zara, similar here
Scarf: Primark, similar here
Top: H&M, similar here
Trousers: H&M, similar here
Shoes: Primark, similar here
Necklace: c/o JQ Vancouver 


Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Savonbox Body Scrubs

c/o savonbox

We had the opportunity to try out Savon Box luxury handmade soaps and fell in love with their products.  They have now come out with a line of scrubs and Savon Box sent us some to try them out. First off the packaging is so fun! The nice sleek black pouches are waterproof and resealable.  Not only that - the scrubs themselves are fun and brightly coloured themselves. Making it fun to use the scrubs!

The UNWIND scrub is a beautiful lavender colour. It is a great scrub to use to unwind at night and to relax. This is a Lavender and Grapeseed oil scrub with the purest salts and finest grains. It also contains almond oil to for gentle moisturization.

The WAKE scrub is a great scrub to use to freshen up and recharge.  This Grapefruit and Mint Scrub really does "wake" you up! The Grapefruit really helps to stimulate the mind whilst the Essential Mint oil provides a cooling sensation to brighten and nourish dull skin.  It comes in a fun orange colour!

Exfoliation and scrubs are a great way to renew your skin - leaving it smooth and healthy. We are sometimes too focused on our face that we forget to treat the rest of our body.  But it's important to scrub and exfoliate your entire body and remove the dead skin cells.  The great thing about SavonBox is that their products align with our move towards utilizing more natural beauty products.

Disclosure: We received these products c/o Savonbox.  We did not receive any compensation for this post and all opinions are our own.  

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Dark Florals

Every season there is a trend I am in love with. This season its the dark florals. There is something about them that reminds me of my early 90's childhood. They are a little more edgier than feminine, a little more grunge than romantic. It can be all of those things and neither simultaneously and that opens the gate in terms of styling possibilities. I mean this is a trend from 2015 but its slowly starting to find its way into the mass consumer stores like H&M and Forever 21...case in point: I just bought myself a dark floral print skirt from Forever 21 this week. I look forward to transitioning that skirt from day to night and pairing it with crop tops and crop sweaters, with a leather jacket and a duster coat--again the styling opportunities range. 

Dark florals also capture a certain inarticulate and undefinable emotion for me. This emotion is evoked at the sight of a Renaissance still life dark floral painting by Flemish and Dutch artists, and even more so, at the sight of paintings by Caravaggio, who also happens to be one of my favourite painters, of fruit baskets or florals that appear tucked away in the corner or as the centre focus. Okay, I will not make this into an Art History lesson! I just wanted to convey that my love of dark florals extends beyond the fashion realm and the fact that they happen to be the popular print right now is not the only reason I gravitate towards them.

Cardigan: H&M, similar here
Top: H&M, similar here
Trousers: H&M, similar here
Shoes: Zara, similar here 
Necklace C/O: JQ Vancouver


Friday, 1 April 2016

Friday Finds

Friday Finds is a series that Footnotes and Finds runs every friday where we share interesting, informative and fun finds/links from around the web. Follow along!

1. If you love science, then you'll love this article on 3 female scientists whose discoveries were credited to men (ya...this kind of stuff still happens so don't think its only because of the time they lived in)

2. If you keep up with the news you will know that Syrian forces have re-captured the ancient city of Palmyra (to my archaeologist heart's delight). In case you were wondering exactly how much damage occurred to this World Heritage site check out these pictures just taken.

It is important to remember (even though I study these things and love them passionately) that these are just material remains at the end of the day and focus should always be on the people and the horrible circumstances they have been placed in. While I do mourn the loss of this invaluable heritage and history, I was a little uncomfortable with the amount of disgust some people on my social media had towards the destruction of sites like Palmyra while remaining absolutely quiet when it came to the loss of lives and homes of the people that are caught in the middle of this war. My point is that it is a complex issue for me and while I rejoice that the site wasn't so badly damaged as a student and lover of archaeology and history I struggle with those people that go up in arms about sites and material remains but forget about the people.

3. This is a great comic series of abridged Classical novels by John Atkinson's from Ottawa--not to be missed by book lovers!

4. In love with this, this and this pair of sandals!

5. This fish, Cryptotora thamicola, found in Thailand has a pelvis and backbone like land vertebrae...meaning...it can walk...whaaaaat!

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