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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Mother's Day Jewelry Picks

*Note: This is a Sponsored Post thus we receive a small amount of compensation for this post. We have partnered up with Uncommon goods to bring you this post. But all the opinions and content in this post is ours. 

Here is the thing, every mother's day we face a challenge, the challenge is not what to get my mom but the challenge is to make it unique.  My mother LOVES jewelry. You can give her a piece of jewelry for every single occasion and she will never not be happy.  But as a gift giver - that sometimes can get a bit boring. So the struggle here becomes to get jewelry - but jewelry that is unique and sticks out from all the other jewelry she has.  So when uncommon goods approached us we knew it would be a great fit.  I loved the range of jewelry products that they carry and was blown away by the creativity of designs.  The Aquamarine Ebb and Flow Cuff  is a beautiful piece on its own. I can imagine it with a simple white dress as the only accessory. I love stand alone pieces like that.

Jewelry is always a great gift - but jewelry as a gift with a thought behind it is much sweeter.  For example the Link of Love Necklace and the Past Present and Future Earrings have great stories and meanings behind them. It's always great to give something special with a story behind it.

Uncommon goods doesn't only carry unique jewelry pieces but they also carry various other products such as designer decor, tabletop items and handcrafted gifts. Thus if you are brainstorming for other mother's day gift ideas other than jewelry definitely still head to uncommon goods, they also have loads of personalized gifts - which again makes for a great gift! Take the time to go check out their site - It's a great place and space for designers. A sort of community and platform for designers and handmade artisans with sustainability and supporting the creative & artist community as a priority. 

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  1. Great jewelry!! Love them!!
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