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Monday, 30 May 2016

Style file: Sonam Kapoor

Style File is a series on footnotes and finds where we feature a person who we believe has impeccable style.  


If you know anything about bollywood you would know that Sonam Kapoor single-handedly changed the fashion game for actors when she entered the industry in 2007. Before her there wasn't much effort or thought put into what actors wore on red carpets, in their every day life or at events and now it seems that everyone has a stylist. Sonam Kapoor has supported many Indian designers like Masaba Gupta and Anamika Khanna into household names and has even worn them on the international stage at Cannes. Not to mention her films Aisha and Khoobsurat, produced by her father's production company headed by her sister, were every fashion lover's dream in terms of styling.

But what sets her apart from any fashionista anywhere is that she pushes the envelope every time, in the small details or in the grandeur of her looks. She also fuses east with west and even gets her make-up on point. She is often recognized for her style on the international fashion scene as she is a L'Oriel ambassador, regular at Cannes, seasoned front row-goer at Fashion week (Paris, London, NY), favourite of many designers like Ralph & Russo and Roberto Cavalli and best dressed-lister in Vogue America. She is both mine and Tript's fashion icon and I guess you can decide for yourself where you place her.

Sonam does fusion

Sonam does gowns

Not to mention her Cannes 2016 looks

Sonam does Saris/traditional Indian 

Sonam does jewellery



Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The death of my grandparents: the official close date of my childhood chapter

Let's take a trip down memory lane is a cliché that is overused, but that is exactly what we're about to do right now--so buckle in.

I'm going to get real personal on here, which, hasn't always been easy for me to do.

Prabh and I are almost 4 years apart...well 3 years and 11 months to be exact.  Her birth was the best thing to happen to me in my tiny 4 years of existence because I finally had someone to play with! It's interesting that from day one, me and her have been best friends.  

When I think back to my childhood, it is often filled with memories of little adventures that me and my sisters would go on.  I picture the grass being a brighter green and the sun shining differently. The world in those times is pictured in a different tone altogether. I remember climbing trees and jumping off of them. I remember rollerblading and riding bikes, coming down our neighbourhood hill as fast as possible. But most of all I remember my grandparents.  

My childhood is my grandparents. Of course my parents were also a part of our childhoods, but due to particular circumstances, my dad having a serious illness and my mother, due to these circumstances, having to work and study twice as hard, a lot of our childhood was spent with our grandparents (my paternal side), which was made easier by the fact that they lived with us. 

I remember learning quite a lot of things from my grandfather. He taught me how to ride my bike and tell the time. I even learned how to do a braid by practicing on his beard. I remember how much my grandfather would miss us when we would go away on trips. I remember standing on his shoulders and jumping off, over and over again. I remember whenever I was unwell, how he would make me a cup of tea and toast in the middle of the night. I remember walking down the same dirt path with him in Punjab India as a 22 year old, as when I was a toddler and had just learned to take my first steps. 

I also remember all the little things about my grandmother as well and all the life skills that she taught me without realizing it. I remember her taking care of me, especially when I was down with a fever. I remember her making meals especially for me right when I would get home from school.  I remember my baking sessions with her. We even shared a love of plants. I remember thinking that she was one of the strongest women I knew and honestly she is probably the strongest I will ever know.  

It's strange but when you add up all these little things, you realize what has moulded you into who you are today.  My soul was nourished by my grandparents: their stories, their love, their presence, their teachings and everyday I miss them.  In the last 5 years I have lost both of them and it has been the hardest thing ever.  As in for the first few years I wasn't even able to look at photos of them.  In fact I still have trouble looking at photographs of them.  But I'm getting better.  

Their passing away felt like a nail in the coffin of my childhood.  A piece of me died with them.  It's strange but since I had lived with my grandparents from the time I was born up until my mid-twenties, I didn't know life without them. They were always there and I didn't really know death before their passing. I always felt that they were invincible and couldn't imagine that they could die, or would die. I never really thought about how it would be after their death. 

I owe a lot of who I am today to them and that is why when I wrote my dissertation I dedicated it to them.  

This was an extremely difficult post for me to write and share, but Im glad I was able to get through it and share it with all of you. 

Monday, 23 May 2016

Where are all the curvy women?

necklace c/o Sweet Hyena

Let's talk.

I am a woman with curves. Meaning, a bigger bust, curvy hips and a bigger behind. This has meant that buying clothes has always been a bit of a difficult task.

Why? well let's just say that they don't make clothes with bigger bust women or curvy women in mind. By they I mean the fashion industry including everyone from high fashion lines to H&M. This is just one of the many criticisms I have of the fashion world.  Just think back to all the runways of all the big designers and all you see is that they are are dominated by women who are really skinny. The curvy woman like me is not represented.

What this says to me is that these designers are designing their clothes for a particular body shape and it is definitely not mine.  I mean sure buying jeans has always been a struggle. But honestly so is buying tops and dresses.

So when I am on Pinterest and scrolling down my my feed and I pin to my board, all I see are a particular body shape over and over again.  But see the thing is I love the style and so I pin it on my board. I head to the store wanting to replicate those said styles but each time i'm disappointed because those style are usually not so flattering for my body type.  I just needed to rant a bit and let that out, because the struggle is real for shorter curvier women! And I don't want to be misunderstood and so I want to clarify. There is absolutely nothing wrong with naturally thin and tall girls, its just that I would like to see body diversity on every level of the fashion world. From the runways to magazines to style and fittings, and, to finally, the shops. 

So now let's talk about this outfit.  This is just a super relaxed look for a super relaxed day.  The days I can wear my birkenstocks are my favourite days! And then the floral kimono, can we talk about this floral kimono and how it makes me feel like summer is approaching? It's just so fun to throw on any outfit. How beautiful is the necklace? Continuing our support and love of handmade artisans, this necklace is from Sweet Hyena and actually both of my rings are handmade as well, one is from Hawaii and one is from Greece.

Kimono: Forever 2, similar here, here and here 
Top: New look
Jeans: Old Navy
necklace: c/o Sweet Hyena


Friday, 20 May 2016

Friday Finds

Friday Finds is a series that Footnotes and Finds runs every friday where we share interesting, informative and fun finds/links from around the web.  Follow along!


1. Checkout this teacher in Afghanistan that bikes to remote villages to bring books to children, truly inspiring!

2. Ever wondered about the language of the Persian empire, Farsi? This video has it covered for you and even presents a good reason for you to learn the language. In my opinion it is one of the more poetically versatile and rich languages in the world!

3. Love road-tripping and wanted to road-trip Europe? This guy has mapped out a near perfect road trip---summer is upon us, so get planning!

4. In love with this, this, and this kimono!

5. Hollywood has a diversity problem and this issue is becoming more and more of a hot-topic (rightly so). This recent #StarringJohnCho website that reimagines Hollywood posters with John Cho in them and its just incredible!

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Thursday, 19 May 2016

My May playlist

This playlist is unlike any other playlist I have put together thus far. Its a lot more downtempo, electronic, and ambient. There are a lot of unknowns and first hears for me on this list and I hope you enjoy it. As of lately I have been in love with Låpsley and cant listen to anything but her first album "Long way home." Its hard to believe that she is just 17 years of age and produces her own music, although I am firm believer in "age has nothing to do with talent"...I mean, its not wine.

This playlist also has been quite reflective of how my musical taste has evolved. I used to be a singer-songwriter, folk, acoustic loving person and now I love the possibilities electronic music offers to all genres.


Tuesday, 17 May 2016

My Current Favourite Makeup Products

So I was quite old when I got into the makeup game.  Even now I own a very limited amount of makeup products, especially when compared to my sisters.  Over the years - and since my last blog post about makeup - I have come across some really good makeup finds that have become a staple in my makeup routine.  And I really wanted to share these staples with you, since I feel like I have really upped my makeup game since my last post about makeup. 


This eyeliner goes on really easily with nice precision. The best part: it is easy to use for a beginner like me because it has a marker/pen tip! It is also quite opaque so you don't have to go over it.  It holds up for the entire day and if you are someone that suffer from seasonal allergies its water proof feature makes sure it won't come off with watery eyes.  

I love the way this mascara goes on: separating my lashes and coating them fully.  It also goes on super black, making it a great go to on nights out when I'm wanting a bit of a dramatic look.  This Mascara is best known for adding volume.  

After lots of trial and error I have finally found the right concealer! Although I don't wear that much makeup day-to-day, concealer is probably the most important piece in my makeup bag...why? Because being of South Asian descent, plus having allergies and sometimes not sleeping well means that I have dark circles! And this concealer is amazing because Nars has a wide selection of shades making it great for people of different skin tones.  This is very important to me since that has always been my frustration when trying to find a concealer that matches my skin tone.  The Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is light because it's creamy, it blends in really nice, and provides medium to full coverage.  This Radiant concealer goes on really smooth and is hydrating. 


So I recently got into the highlighter game. It doesn't mean you'll see me doing strobing or contouring + highlighter. It's just a simple highlighter here and there and that too if I'm going out. So if you are looking for a highlighter, then this Becca highlighter is a favourite for many! It's a creamy illuminating powder highlighter.  The shade that I use is Opal which is a golden opal pearl.  It's not too chunky, the glitter is not super glittery, and it hits the light properly.  


This Kat Von D - Loilita has quickly become my go to everyday lip colour! Loilita is a brownish pink colour.  It's a matte liquid lipstick. It doesn't transfer and is not as drying as other matte lipstick.

Products: Eyeliner,  Mascara, Concealer, Highlighter, Liquid Lipstick

Note: This post contains some affiliate links through which we make a tiny profit


Friday, 13 May 2016

Friday Finds

Friday Finds is a series that Footnotes and Finds runs every friday where we share interesting, informative and fun finds/links from around the web.  Follow along!


1. India is vast and diverse. It is a confluence of many different cultures, ethnicities, religions, political theories, and traditions. As it is commonly said each state of India is like a country of its own and together, India should be thought of as Europe with each state representing a country so different from that it neighbours. While there is so much to India I know I need to learn I was shocked to learn about the Kabuliwalas of Kolkata who came to India from Kabul as merchants and remained after partition. For over a century this group of Afghans have maintained their culture and recently became the centre of an exhibition entitled Kabul to Kolkata: of Belongings, Memories, and Identity  by Moska Najib and Nazes Afroz, check it out!

2. Ever wonder what Jazz and Physics have in common? Professor, as well as Jazz musician, Stephon Alexander discusses what the common thread is on q with Shadrach Kabango.  

3. Love this, this and this sun hat!

4. Hassan Minaj interviewed Waris Ahluwalia for the Daily show discussing how Islamophobia has affected the Sikh population in America, its great and eye-opening. Its a good opportunity remember, as the people in this video state, "its not an option for us to throw another community under the bus. Even if it means things are harder for us, we believe its the right thing to do." We must all stand together in the face of racism!

5. On a lighter note: check out this artist who draws monsters into everyday situations!

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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

5 Steps to a Better Morning

I have never been an early morning person.  But over the years I have put effort into forming better habits for my mornings.  I no longer wanted to be that girl with a toast in her hand running for the bus.  I no longer wanted to stay up until the wee hours of the night writing my papers.  With my focus on getting my health better over all and sleep being a key component of that, I knew I had to work on my morning routine.  After some reflection I really began to notice how my mornings would set the tone for the rest of the day.  Keeping that in mind I started to make some changes.

Here are 5 things I did to have a better morning routine and in turn a better day!

1.  Sleep earlier, get up earlier, don't feel rushed

I decided that I needed to have a set bed time.  My body and mood heavily depended on this. I needed to make sure I was getting to bed around the same time everyday (yes even on the weekends -- I try!). This made getting up earlier easier and made me feel less groggy and tired in the mornings.  It also meant that I was able to wake up at a reasonable time so I wasn't rushing. I would have to say, this, along with having a big breakfast, have been the two most important changes for me when it comes to my morning routine.  

Rushing, grabbing my toast and running to the bus stop meant I was starting my mornings with loads of adrenaline being pumped through my body and high anxiety.  I would sit on the bus trying to catch my breath and calm down.  Now I leave for the bus or wherever I am headed at a reasonably early time usually listening to my favourite podcast and enjoying my surroundings.  I am more calm and, therefore, in a better mood, honestly, this is a much better way to start my day.

2. Time for a big breakfast

A big breakfast is a must and a no compromise area for me. I usually have some sort of eggs in the morning which give me energy for the entire day. Your body needs that big healthy breakfast to utilize and produce energy for the rest of the day. I always try some variation of Eggs, kale, avocado, fresh juice, yams, omelette, oatmeal, yogurt or kefir, banana.  The days I don't get to have a big healthy breakfast I notice a major change in energy level and it also leads to the likelihood of headaches and getting hungrier quicker, meaning bad mood and energy for the entire day.

3. Time to just sit, reflect, and read the newspaper

As I mentioned before I have been making an effort to reduced that rushed feeling in the mornings. In fact, I have been doing the opposite of being rushed: whilst I'm enjoying my breakfast I love to read the guardian newspaper on my Ipad.  I have almost always read the newspaper from a very young age. It is a key component of just a little me time in the morning. Just me, my hot cup of Cha (Indian Tea) and doing something I just love: reading and learning about world events.  It feels really good to have that little time of just sitting there where the morning feels slow and patient.  I highly recommend just stopping for a few moments or minutes to just stop and reflect. We are always on the go and running around from one task to another. Thus it becomes vital to our mental health to have these moments of calm and reflection and I personally find it a great way to start the day.

4.  A big glass of water

One of the first things I do once I'm in my kitchen is downing a big glass of water. Sometimes it is just plain water and sometimes it is water infused with cucumbers, lemons, ginger, mint and  a teaspoon of turmeric. Any which way it is important to hydrate your body when you wake up. Regardless of the amount of water you drank the day before your body is dehydrated after a night's sleep, thus, you need to give those cells in your body some refreshment by hydrating. This in turns helps with your energy levels.  Drinking a glass of water in the morning always helps with other various things: it flushes out toxins, helps with weight loss by increasing your metabolism, fuels up your brain, along with various other benefits.

5.  Having my bag set the night before

I save time, energy, and prevent myself from being in high anxiety mode by packing my bag and laying out all I need at night. Thus, my mornings are more peaceful with less problem solving, figuring out things, or trying to remember where what is that I need to pack with me. This has also helped me become more efficient.  Which all in turn has led to much calmer mornings.

What is your morning routine? 

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

10 Airport Tips

Being a frequent flyer has led me to develop an airport routine which always makes travelling smoother.  I would rather be relaxed sitting at the boarding gate super early than trying to make it to the gate on time and feeling super anxious.  Here are basic 10 Tips for the Airport that are simple and easy to apply.  I always stick to these and it makes the airport process easier!

1. Pack light

I know we want to pack things because of "just in case this or just in case that" situations. But think of what your packing as outfits and have pieces that you can wear with other garments you've packed. What I mean by this is: versatility is key! For example, one pair of trousers, one pair of shorts and a few tops that all work together!

Plus you want to leave room for shopping in your destination city! Packing lightly insures that your suitcase wont weigh a ton when you're trying to traverse a new city upon arrival (I don't know about you, but having to carry your suitcase up 3 flights of stairs in rush-hour London underground traffic is a nightmare of mine...I've been there and its not fun). 

2. Check in online before hand

I'm surprised by how many people don't do this. Usually 24 hours before your flight you can go to the airline website and check in. This way you can get dibs on seats and go straight through to baggage drop. This cuts out so much time, which leads me to:

3. Pre-print boarding pass

Having your boarding passes printed means that after baggage drop you can go straight to security...again, cutting time! FYI some airlines for some countries require that you get a visa check done by the airline (this will be stated on your boarding pass) before the security gate which is always some sort of stamp or signature done on your boarding pass by the airline associate, so please read your boarding pass thoroughly!

4. Arrive early to airport

This is very VERY important. No matter how close you are to the airport (geography wise) or if you have checked-in online and printed your boarding passes you should arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your boarding time (not flight time). Anything can happen: there can be delays in public transportation, traffic, you can be locked into the friend's apartment that you're staying at with no key and no help in a foreign country...yes thats happened to me, and once you get to the airport there can be long queues at security, you may have to take a train to your terminal or you may have to walk long distances to your gate...I mean it, ANYTHING can happen. You want to reach your gate, go to the washroom, procure some food and water, sit and relax before a flight, not be running to your gate with the potential of missing your flight (I'm not a superstitious person, but that is a bad way to start or end any trip!). 

5. Have your liquids packed in one ziplock bag

Another way to cut time and save yourself from having to go through the anxiety of opening your hand luggage in front of the security queue is to pre-pack your liquids (100 ml) in a zip lock bag. The items from this ziplock bag can be transferred into the bags provided and required by the airport (all airports have their own requirements) or can be placed as is into the security trays. Place this bag in an accessible pocket of your hand luggage so you don't have to open and close you luggage at security. 

6.  IDs

This is something people don't do or forget to do. No matter how careful and anxious you are anything can happen while you're travelling so it is imperative that you make copies of your IDs. Keep one copy in your hand luggage, one in your checked-in luggage, leave one at home and email yourself a scan. Have your passport ready to go with your boarding ticket at security and know where you have put it before, during and after security. 

7. Don't wear things that beep and remove all jewelry and gadgets from pockets

Do yourself a favour and please remove anything that will beep through security, including jewelry, watches, belts, loose change in your pockets, certain types of shoes, sometimes jackets with zippers etc...basically if you think its going to beep put it in your hand luggage and then put it on after security to make that security clearance quicker. 

Security can be confusing. Some places want you in a single layer of clothing, some want no shoes, some will want all your electronics out and so just gage it out while you're in the queue and if you're still confused just ask a security officer. I mean sometimes they're not friendly but at least they'll know that you did ask. 

8. Empty water bottle

You cannot carry liquids over 100 ml through security. And water bottles on the other side usually cost way too much. So if you want to save a bit of money, carry an empty water bottle with you which you can fill up once you cross security.

9. Snacks

This is my key to a happy flight. Again, you don't know what can happen. Flights can be delayed, the food in-flight can suck, or your metabolism can just get kick started meaning you're hungry a lot more. Having snacks is never a bad idea, so pack some or buy some after security. In fact, I usually recommend eating a meal before getting on the plane, as it can prevent you from feeling ill (if you're like me). 

10. Slip on shoes + socks

Important for a smooth security check and if you're like me and you like taking your shoes off in-flight! Socks because if you have to remove your shoes during security check in you don't want to walk bare foot on the airport floor. Also I get super cold on the airplane so I always carry a pair of socks that I wear on the plane ride.  


Friday, 6 May 2016


1. If you love ballet, you'll want to check out these street photos of ballet performers in Cuba, where ballet is treasured and celebrated as a nationally funded art (I did not know this before I read this article!)

2. Yes, travelling to and within Canada is expensive but if you commit the time and money you will not regret it. These 10 photos from the National Geography Travel Photographer of the Year contest of Canada will convince you to drop everything and travel through this vast and beautifully breathtaking land--I promise. 

3. If you know me, you would know that I dont list people as my idols or icons with one exception: Jane Goodall. The work that she has done for primate research and the environment is beyond the possible praises she can receive. This interview that she did with CBC recently is not to be missed!

4. Love these, these and these sunglasses!

5. Often times we define academics through their success and forget that along the way they too had rejection letters and missed opportunities. Well in an push to "balance the record" and encourage people to continue pursuing their goals and dreams a Princeton professor, Johannes Haushofer, posted his "CV of Failures"--how awesome is that?

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Handmade Finds - May

The best part of doing these series is discovering amazing artisans and the unique products they create! We have a couple of Canadians on the list this time around - yay Canadian pride! We encourage you to check out their shops for more products - this is just a sample of their creations.  Go show them some support and buy small business and handmade! 

Sweet Hyena is a handmade jewelry line that embodies minimalist style while using quality materials. Each piece of jewelry is designed and handcrafted with care by YiRan Carroll in her Astoria, NYC studio. The jewelry line uses only high quality, enduring metals—such as brass, bronze, and silver—to ensure that each piece looks beautiful even after lots of wear. Plus, nature lovers will adore this: $1 from each piece of Sweet Hyena jewelry sold is donated to African Wildlife Foundation, who works to ensure the wildlife and wild lands of Africa will endure forever. 

The Hush Necklace is the most perfect customizable initial necklace. The dainty pendant is sterling silver on a polished brass tube, hung on the most delicate gold-filled chain. Choose from any letter (or none), as well as a chain length that best suits you.

Orchard Rose Sleepwear & Accessories is a business based in country Victoria, Australia. I specialise in unique sleepwear, loungewear and accessories. Each item is hand made with care in my studio. I love to find gorgeous fabrics and create them into something whimsical and individual. My products are mainly designed for hot summers with pretty, feminine patterns, keeping you looking gorgeous and feeling cool!

Introducing some more from my Summer Florals Collection. This one of a kind, super comfy, and so chic pair of shorts is a unique edition to any woman's wardrobe. These shorts are a made out of 100% cotton with a a gorgeous bright floral pattern. These shorts  feature an elasticised waistband, and are so comfy you won't want to take them off!

3. Holdur

The Holdur story was born from a simple question, can fannypacks be both useful & stylish? Holdur proves the answer is a resounding yes!  Based in Montreal, Canada, we select the finest materials for the Holdur collection from around the world, including top-grain Italian leather, custom-made Italian zippers, and Parisian-designed buckles & bag jewelry.  We strive for a luxurious experience with every Holdur creation. All Holdur fannypacks & accessories are proudly handcrafted in Montreal, Canada, by expert craftspeople experienced in European savoir-faire.

Handcrafted in Montreal, your Holdur is perfect for your travels and your day-to-day. The Holdur Classic easily transforms from a fannypack to a shoulder or cross-body bag. For that special night out, remove the strap and your Holdur becomes an elegant clutch. It’s the only bag you need for your travels, or for your every day! So many ways to wear your Holdur, versatility at its best.

Fionna Hanna is a Toronto based textile designer and maker. Working in small batches of seasonal capsule collections, Fionna strives to create eco-friendly goods that are useful, beautiful and long lasting. The current spring collection is based off a love of adventures, big or small. It features a line up of goods to help you stay organized and look great when you are on the go.

Stay organized when travelling and tuck your passport into this stylish passport holder. The two sided holder means two pockets so you can store your passport on one side and your baggage claim ticket on the other.

This pattern was based off a earth view map of Toronto, abstracted and turned into a pattern for a modern geometric feel and little bit of hometown pride.

**We want to thank all the shops that participated in this blog post and partnered with us.  It was great getting to know and work with some very talented artisans! 
 **If you have an Etsy shop or a Handmade items shop and would like to be featured in a blog post similar to this please email us for more information! 


Sunday, 1 May 2016

Mother's Day Jewelry Picks

*Note: This is a Sponsored Post thus we receive a small amount of compensation for this post. We have partnered up with Uncommon goods to bring you this post. But all the opinions and content in this post is ours. 

Here is the thing, every mother's day we face a challenge, the challenge is not what to get my mom but the challenge is to make it unique.  My mother LOVES jewelry. You can give her a piece of jewelry for every single occasion and she will never not be happy.  But as a gift giver - that sometimes can get a bit boring. So the struggle here becomes to get jewelry - but jewelry that is unique and sticks out from all the other jewelry she has.  So when uncommon goods approached us we knew it would be a great fit.  I loved the range of jewelry products that they carry and was blown away by the creativity of designs.  The Aquamarine Ebb and Flow Cuff  is a beautiful piece on its own. I can imagine it with a simple white dress as the only accessory. I love stand alone pieces like that.

Jewelry is always a great gift - but jewelry as a gift with a thought behind it is much sweeter.  For example the Link of Love Necklace and the Past Present and Future Earrings have great stories and meanings behind them. It's always great to give something special with a story behind it.

Uncommon goods doesn't only carry unique jewelry pieces but they also carry various other products such as designer decor, tabletop items and handcrafted gifts. Thus if you are brainstorming for other mother's day gift ideas other than jewelry definitely still head to uncommon goods, they also have loads of personalized gifts - which again makes for a great gift! Take the time to go check out their site - It's a great place and space for designers. A sort of community and platform for designers and handmade artisans with sustainability and supporting the creative & artist community as a priority. 
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