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Friday, 6 May 2016


1. If you love ballet, you'll want to check out these street photos of ballet performers in Cuba, where ballet is treasured and celebrated as a nationally funded art (I did not know this before I read this article!)

2. Yes, travelling to and within Canada is expensive but if you commit the time and money you will not regret it. These 10 photos from the National Geography Travel Photographer of the Year contest of Canada will convince you to drop everything and travel through this vast and beautifully breathtaking land--I promise. 

3. If you know me, you would know that I dont list people as my idols or icons with one exception: Jane Goodall. The work that she has done for primate research and the environment is beyond the possible praises she can receive. This interview that she did with CBC recently is not to be missed!

4. Love these, these and these sunglasses!

5. Often times we define academics through their success and forget that along the way they too had rejection letters and missed opportunities. Well in an push to "balance the record" and encourage people to continue pursuing their goals and dreams a Princeton professor, Johannes Haushofer, posted his "CV of Failures"--how awesome is that?

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  1. I enjoyed your Friday finds and definitely Canada is on my travel wish list as well as Cuba now thanx to Pres. Obama! And I will def. check out the Cuban ballet!!


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