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Friday, 13 May 2016

Friday Finds

Friday Finds is a series that Footnotes and Finds runs every friday where we share interesting, informative and fun finds/links from around the web.  Follow along!


1. India is vast and diverse. It is a confluence of many different cultures, ethnicities, religions, political theories, and traditions. As it is commonly said each state of India is like a country of its own and together, India should be thought of as Europe with each state representing a country so different from that it neighbours. While there is so much to India I know I need to learn I was shocked to learn about the Kabuliwalas of Kolkata who came to India from Kabul as merchants and remained after partition. For over a century this group of Afghans have maintained their culture and recently became the centre of an exhibition entitled Kabul to Kolkata: of Belongings, Memories, and Identity  by Moska Najib and Nazes Afroz, check it out!

2. Ever wonder what Jazz and Physics have in common? Professor, as well as Jazz musician, Stephon Alexander discusses what the common thread is on q with Shadrach Kabango.  

3. Love this, this and this sun hat!

4. Hassan Minaj interviewed Waris Ahluwalia for the Daily show discussing how Islamophobia has affected the Sikh population in America, its great and eye-opening. Its a good opportunity remember, as the people in this video state, "its not an option for us to throw another community under the bus. Even if it means things are harder for us, we believe its the right thing to do." We must all stand together in the face of racism!

5. On a lighter note: check out this artist who draws monsters into everyday situations!

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