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Thursday, 19 May 2016

My May playlist

This playlist is unlike any other playlist I have put together thus far. Its a lot more downtempo, electronic, and ambient. There are a lot of unknowns and first hears for me on this list and I hope you enjoy it. As of lately I have been in love with Låpsley and cant listen to anything but her first album "Long way home." Its hard to believe that she is just 17 years of age and produces her own music, although I am firm believer in "age has nothing to do with talent"...I mean, its not wine.

This playlist also has been quite reflective of how my musical taste has evolved. I used to be a singer-songwriter, folk, acoustic loving person and now I love the possibilities electronic music offers to all genres.



  1. such great songs! I'm always looking for new bands and these are great :)

    M Loves M

  2. Love electronic music it's one of my fave genres will need to check some of these songs out!


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