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Monday, 23 May 2016

Where are all the curvy women?

necklace c/o Sweet Hyena

Let's talk.

I am a woman with curves. Meaning, a bigger bust, curvy hips and a bigger behind. This has meant that buying clothes has always been a bit of a difficult task.

Why? well let's just say that they don't make clothes with bigger bust women or curvy women in mind. By they I mean the fashion industry including everyone from high fashion lines to H&M. This is just one of the many criticisms I have of the fashion world.  Just think back to all the runways of all the big designers and all you see is that they are are dominated by women who are really skinny. The curvy woman like me is not represented.

What this says to me is that these designers are designing their clothes for a particular body shape and it is definitely not mine.  I mean sure buying jeans has always been a struggle. But honestly so is buying tops and dresses.

So when I am on Pinterest and scrolling down my my feed and I pin to my board, all I see are a particular body shape over and over again.  But see the thing is I love the style and so I pin it on my board. I head to the store wanting to replicate those said styles but each time i'm disappointed because those style are usually not so flattering for my body type.  I just needed to rant a bit and let that out, because the struggle is real for shorter curvier women! And I don't want to be misunderstood and so I want to clarify. There is absolutely nothing wrong with naturally thin and tall girls, its just that I would like to see body diversity on every level of the fashion world. From the runways to magazines to style and fittings, and, to finally, the shops. 

So now let's talk about this outfit.  This is just a super relaxed look for a super relaxed day.  The days I can wear my birkenstocks are my favourite days! And then the floral kimono, can we talk about this floral kimono and how it makes me feel like summer is approaching? It's just so fun to throw on any outfit. How beautiful is the necklace? Continuing our support and love of handmade artisans, this necklace is from Sweet Hyena and actually both of my rings are handmade as well, one is from Hawaii and one is from Greece.

Kimono: Forever 2, similar here, here and here 
Top: New look
Jeans: Old Navy
necklace: c/o Sweet Hyena



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  3. Love the pink top and Kimono. Curvy or not I think you look beautiful! And I don't think your curvy and curves are beautiful anyway:) I get my jeans from f21. I have the problem that the jeans at stores like zara and gap don't fit me. I have a bigger butt, and now that I started working out, I'm sure it's going to get bigger.

    Hope you two have a great week :)

  4. Love your outfit!! Looks so beautiful!!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  5. I love that color on you! I am curvy also so I feel your struggle!!

    xoxo www.touchofcurl.com

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  7. So pretty! Love the colors.

    Rachel / www.seashellsandsparkles.com

  8. So true! clothes designed for size 0 people do not always look good on others.The same thing happens to me. I see clothes and go to get them and they look awful on me!

  9. PS. that outfit look lovely on you :) xx


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