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Thursday, 25 August 2016

California Roadtrip Travel Basics to Pack

If you have been following us along on Instagram or Snapchat (@footnotesnfinds) then you know that last month we headed to sunny California! We headed on a long drive down the pacific coast highway (we will have a blogpost on that soon). In getting ready for the road trip to California I made a long list of must takes, making sure not to overpack since it was going to be long Roadtrip with a big group of us going.  I knew we would be spending some time on beaches and in the sun along with a day at disney land. Thus I laid out some basics: 

  1. Sunglasses
  2. swimwear/ beach wear
  3. lots of sun protection! I am officially addicted to the smell of my Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Vanilla Coconut Natural Sunscreen - it is such a pleasant smell that I continue to use it everyday even after our road trip. We seem to forget about our lips when it comes to sun protection, but I brought along my Rocky mountain lip butter with spf
  4. Sun burn treatment: I am also prone to get burnt here and there so the after sun body butter from Rocky Mountain Co. was quite helpful. I was wishing I had it during my trip to Hawaii where I got burnt quite bad!

    Do checkout all the other products that Rocky Mountain has to keep you safe and feeling fresh in the sun: Hydrating outdoor Citrus Mint Butter & Outdoor Spray
  5. Along with sun protection I also packed a pair of Crocs flip flops for the beach, I didn't want to ruin my Birkenstocks.
  6. my Birkenstocks - this is a must for me for almost every trip. Travelling usually requires lots of walking and Birkenstocks are perfect for that!
  7. a small mini backpack in which we can carry some basic necessities with me during daily excursions.
  8. a small first aid kit
  9. Also an empty water bottle that I can refill and carry with me to keep me hydrated.
  10. Lastly an Ipod with an awesome road trip playlist
*note: we are rocky mountain soap co. brand ambassadors and have received all of these products c/o rocky mountain soap co.  we were not paid for this blog post and all opinions expressed are our own. 



  1. These are such great things!!
    Thanks for the tips!

    Keep Sparkling✨
    Sparkling Southerner
    Find me at : Instagram

  2. definitely necessary to have lots of sun protection!

  3. Great tips! I live in California and totally agree with all of them!

  4. Sun protection is definitely an essential!! I also love those sunglasses :)

  5. Cannot wait to see your road trip post!! The Cali coast - especially Big Sur - is one of my favorite places in the world!!


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