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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

5 things not to wear to the airport

Getting through airport security can be the most stressful and dreaded part of airport travel. It is always better to be prepared to make this process go smoother. Hence it's always better to wear things that will help out in the process and not complicate it more!

5 things not to wear to the airport

Things you shouldn't wear to an airport:

1. maxi dresses/ skirts

If you have to get patted down in security, you really want to avoid the security agent having to check if you are hiding anything under your skirt.

Instead wear comfortable pants, whether they are sweats/joggers (my preference, especially for long flights) or your favourite pair of relaxed denim (great for shorter flights)

2. flip flops or heels

Wearing Flip flops is not a good idea especially if you are going through security that requires you to remove your shoes, then you are forced to walk barefoot on the dirty airport floor.  To avoid this, instead wear a comfortable pair of shoes - sneakers or flats that are easily removable and easy to put back on if required. Also - flip flops or heels are not practical when you have to run to your gate, nor are they the most comfortable option!

3. lots of jewelry

there is a chance that your jewelry can set off the security alarm- metal jewelry is a major no -no. It is just best to travel light when it comes to jewelry anyways - as we mentioned before, leave your valuables at home! Jewelry is also not the easiest thing to take off quickly

4.  lot of hair pins

If you are looking to get through security with ease - then don't use too many hair accessories such as bobby pins. Instead wait till you are past security to fix up your hair and maybe try different hair elastics that will do the job.

5. bulky clothes 

Bulky clothes can be a pain when it comes to security at the airport, they also can be a pain when you are having to run to your gate and you are all sweaty and uncomfortable once you get to the gate because of your bulky clothing. It's best to wear layers instead! Layers, such as long cardigans and blanket scarfs, are easy to remove at the security.

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  1. Great tip about the bulky clothes. I'm going to Portland in November & I was thinking of wear my heavier coat to avoid paying for a checked bag. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  2. Agree with everything – especially bulky clothes! Leggings or joggers are my favourite thing to wear at the airport! :) xx


  3. Great tips. I've never really thought about the skirt thing before!


  4. Definitely agree! For me, airports are not the place to try to be my most stylish--simple, comfy, and metal-free as much as possible! I once got patted down and was questioned as to what was this hard thing sticking out on the side of my body--which was literally my hip bone--yep, bones are known for being rather hard, and my hips are especially pointy, haha!

  5. Wonderful tips!! I totally agree bulky clothes at the airport are the WORST when it's hot and you have to carry them around with you! Thanks for sharing :) xx- Mitra


  6. Great tips! Thanks for sharing!



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