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Monday, 31 October 2016

An Instagram for Creative Entrepreneurs like you!

Just taking a break from our normally scheduled blog posts and bringing you over to our other job!


Instagram is where it's at! It has fast become a popular social media platform for bloggers, influencers, small business owners and Etsy shop owners.

Today I want to share with you some of the things I have learned along the way about Instagram as a social media platform and what has worked for us!

In order to succeed on Instagram you need:

  1. A Cohesive feed! That means your grid needs to look put together and cohesive, thus you need to stick to a colour palette, certain types of content, certain filters etc. In order to do this we use a style guide.  The style guide informs every aspect of our Instagram Strategy which then results in a cohesive feed. >> check out this free Instagram style guide
  2. Utilize the power of editing apps.  Instagram has lots of filter options and editing options but if you want to up your game even more then we highly recommend using editing apps!
  3. Make sure your bio is AMAZING! Your Instagram Bio can be the key piece in growing your following, traffic to your blog or even your income/sales.  >> read this blog post: how to write a kickass blog post and download the Instagram bio checklist 
  4. You need to be active and engage! You cannot just post and disappear. You need to comment, like, and follow. You also need go find your target audience!

Now I understand there is so much to learn out there about so many social media platforms. But Instagram as a social media platform should really be a key piece in  your strategy to grow your business, blog, income etc.

So instead of googling and search all over the internet on how to really succeed on Instagram where you will find lots of blog posts filled with quick fixes and shortcuts (which we know don't really serve you well in the long run)

Check out the Instagram Course we have launched: Instabuzzing! Along with this blog we run a business called Buzzing Creatives, where we help creative entrepreneurs like yourself grow their business online by leveraging their online presence.

So if you are...
Tired of trying to grow your Instagram and barely seeing the number of followers change?
Tired of all your followers being just your peers and not your ideal customers?
Tired of not being able to find your target audience?
Not sure how to use Instagram to grow your sales?

Not sure how Instagram can help grow your business?
Or you might be just starting with the platform and want to learn to succeed and get it right the first time

Then INSTABUZZING is for you!
With INSTABUZZING you will learn how to make your Instagram work for you and your business. Because with the right strategies in place Instagram can be the key to growing your business as a creative entrepreneur!

So Enrol now (prices will go up in the new year) and you too can:
  • Gain targeted followers daily by implementing the strategies we did 
    ...Not just any followers, but the right followers! That will become YOUR loyal followers and customers
  • Increase engagement (likes and comments), making organic followers and relationships with your client base
  • Use Instagram to go your business and make actual sales off of Instagram
  • Hashtag like the hashtag BOSS that you know you can be using the right hashtags to attract your ideal customers
  • Have a killer Instagram feed that is cohesive and consistent with amazing visual content, making YOU that Instagram account everyone wants to follow!

if you have any questions regarding the course, feel free to email us at with the subject line: "instabuzzing question"


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  1. Great tips, and all SO true!! Instagram posting/growth is a job in itself, some people don't realize the work that goes into it!


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