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Friday, 10 March 2017

Friday Finds

Friday Finds is a series that Footnotes and Finds runs every friday where we share interesting, informative and fun finds/links from around the web.  Follow along!

  1. Check out this Video: Asian women talk about dumbass stereotypes they deal with while dating
  2. We live such stressful lives nowadays and we fail to understand what kind of impact that stress can have on our overall health. Here is a video by TedEd - How Stress Affects Your Body
  3. I'm thinking about changing up some things in our little workspace by adding some fun items: like this light or this light and a pouf for additional seating and some colour! What are your thoughts?
  4. Saying Thank You when you get off the Bus is an automatic thing for me. I have spent A LOT of time on public transportation and majority of the passengers take the time to say thank you to the bus drivers. What I didn't realize was that this might just be a very Vancouver thing! Where you come from, is it a common thing to say thank you to the bus driver?
  5. Check out this: Iraqi Kurdish fashionistas make splash


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  1. My cousin sent me that video too. I thank the bus driver too but I love in Vancouver so I don't know!


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