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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

the perfect geox chelsea boots

5 years ago I had bought these Chelsea boots that I absolutely loved and then after only a few months of wearing them the heel on the right show broke off and I plunged into a Chelsea-boot-less life. Since then I have attempted and failed at finding the perfect pair of Chelsea boots. What makes it so hard to find the right one is the cut. Too high, too low your calves look stubby or just straight up weird. So I tried and tried until I finally tried on this geox pair.

*shoes c/o geox

My initial thought without trying them one was: hmmm these are beautiful and practical…but they’re point-y…I never wear point-y shoes. My friend Tia urged me to try them on as she is a big supporter of point-y shoes. So I did and to my surprise I fell in love with them right away. If you must know, I used to feel point-y shoes made me feel as though I had clown feet but these shoes were different. I couldn’t have bought them at the perfect time. As many of you know I moved to Toronto recently and as any West Coast Vancouverite knows we just don’t know winter as the East does since we don’t get nearly as cold or as much snow as they do here. So I needed a good pair of shoes for the fall which was both practical and fashionable. And this pair checks both boxes. Not only are they waterproof, they have this super grip-y sole.

I usually have a very difficult time breaking in any pair of shoes because I have sensitive feet and almost always end up getting blisters. But I wore these shoes on my first real Toronto autumn excursion to casa loma and the surrounding area. I walked for hours and the shoes were light, provided excellent support and kept me warm.

shoes c/o geox

DRESS: TOPSHOP - similarsimilar
TOP: Brandi Melville - similarsimilar , similar
CALVIN KLEIN BRA: Calvin Klien , similarsimilar 
floral socks: similarsimilar


*note: We teamed up with Geox for this blog post.  We received these pair of shoes care of Geox. .  We were not paid for this blog post and all opinions expressed are our own. This post does contain some affiliate links. We thank you for supporting footnotes and finds by supporting the brands we affiliate with or partner with. 


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