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Saturday, 24 March 2018

my first time kayaking - harrison hot springs

when I was younger my parents put me in swimming classes and I really didn't enjoy them, I dreaded them!

nonetheless, I ended up completing all the levels and could finally swim laps!

but here is the thing, I didn't ever want to go back to the pool.  I didn't like the cholrine and all the other memories that came with it - trying to tread water and remain afloat and just being sooo exchausted, and mostly the fear of drowning.

as a child I love going into the ocean but somewhere I developed a fear of drowning and then a fear of anything that lives in the ocean.

then add motion sickness to the equation , being on water was just not a priority

this meant that through the years, I forgot how to swim. I know it's supposed to be one of those things right? you aren't supposed forget how to swim right? but i did!

Anyways long story short, Prabh convinced me to try out Kayaking. And although I was super terrified, the idea slowly grew on me. And so this past summer, I decided to go for it! We headed out to Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia for a day trip. There we rented Kayaks and went on this adventure.

kayaking at harrison hot springs

It was quite terrifying at first, and my anxiety levels were through the roof (this is the same lake that my cousins once tricked me into going on a banana boat ride, sat me at the back of it, and i was the first one flying off it, into the water).

But soon as I got a hold of it, I quite enjoyed it! It was nice wading in the middle of Harrison Lake, midst the beautiful mountains. There was something peaceful about it. The only thing is that somehow I ended up quite far, the current took me far, and then the currents became really strong, and I did have a good 10-15 mins of fighting the currents and kayaking against them to try get as close to the shore as possible.

kayaking at harrison hot springs

So lesson learned - although it was an enjoyable activity, it would be more enjoyable if I knew how to swim. I got lucky, as the Kayak didn't flip over and I made it to shore, but it was quite a frightening moment for me, even with a life jacket on.

kayaking at harrison hot springs

If I EVER go again, I would most likely choose calmer waters, and really try to stick close to shore. But I'm so glad that I did partake in this adventure! Right before Kayaking we hit up our favourite burger joint at Harrison, which is a tradition.
harrison hot springs

We have been coming to Harrison since we were kids. My mom's company used to take us out every year. After our Kayaking adventure we headed for some dinner and strolled down to the hot springs.

harrison hot springs harrison hot springs

and I'm always so grateful for living in Beautiful British Columbia!

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