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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Travel in Style Essentials: Luggage

If you have been following us along for a while you know that we LOVE to travel! And after years of travelling experience, we have some travel nuggets to share with you that have worked for us.

Let's start off with travel bags.  How you pack and what you pack in does impact your overall travel experience. For some it's important to be strategic, and for others it's important to be strategic and stylish.  Don't worry we have got you covered.

you can travel in a strategic stylish travel bag!

here are some of our favourites:

packing cubes - these have been a big game changer for me - I love visually dividing, separating and organizing my stuff.  these keep me organized and my suitcase or travel bag

here are some - they can be functional and fun at the same time:

when it comes to carry on suitcases - I always opt for 4 wheel spinners.  Some like for their carry ons to have outside pockets, and others like that hard shell option.  Something that we always take into consideration is the weight of the carry on itself, without anything in it!

here are some functional yet stylish carry on suitcases:

Next up is traveling bags - if you want a personal bag to go with your carry on, or you would rather opt for a carry on bag over a suitcase - we have got you covered!

first thing is first - you need to pay attention to the every changing airlines and their carry on baggage requirements! I love using my smaller size herschel backpack as a personal bag - and it fits all the personal bag requirements of almost all the airlines i have been on! and boy does it fit A LOT!

what are some travel luggage essentials for you?   

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travel in style luggage picks

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